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 Skin issues or not, you must read this blog post: The Home of Smart Bacteria                                                      


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This week we're featuring:

Mold KillerTM, all natural, yet aggressive against molds.










Mold KillerTM (total management). Mold removal for the homeowner, now in commercial strength too. Plus use it as well to eliminate cat or pet odor on any surface including carpet. 




See the variety of mold removal videos we share: here







Rain Laundry Cleaner

 More people get skin cancer than any other cancer. ~ American Cancer Society

Although Rain is exceedingly important for folks with healthy skin, it's imperative for those with lyme disease, eczema and psoriasis.









Our products are detergent free!!


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 We worry about the millions breathing detergent dust while sleeping.

Don't take it from us: See all of our customer

 testimony and cases of healing: here.

Detergent chemicals absorbed by your skin, regularly enter the bloodstream.

Fight the Odds of Early Illness or Painful Aging.



Laundromat & residential washing machine cleaner


Hospital washing machines struggle with heavy contamination.

 Risks due to a contaminated washer may lead to complicated health problems.

   Internal Washing Machine Cleaner is made up of strong natural electrolyte. No other washing machine cleaner can match its dissolve and cleaning power (no bleach or detergent).


Preferred by Hotel chains, laundromats and homeowners.

  Dissolve Internal Contamination

  front-half-g.jpg Developed generally for laundromats and high traffic common area laundry facilities.

 A 1/2 gallon does one washer - 5 gallons will flush ten washers

Gets rid of odor too!