Cant stand desergent anymore

Yensou 5-3-21

Size: 5-Gallon|Verified Purchase

I luv this laundry wash. sanks so much.


Rash from my son's diaper?

Chanlie 2-3-21

Size: 5-Gallon|Verified Purchase

My son had persistent rash, we thought it was from his wet diaper. A few days after using Rain Laundry Cleaner, his rash cleared up entirely. God bless Rain, we all use it now.


Mold on wood

A.J. 1-16-2020

Emailed received by on 1-16-2020

Can't express how great your Mold Killer TM is for removing mold on wood. I am going to tackle my attic next. I also put it in my AC drain outlet, and it works fabulously. You're hard to find online--but GREAT to know.


6-months and still no rash

Debbie 11-12-2019

Size: 5-Gallon|Verified Purchase

I love this electrolyte laundry cleaner. I have had periodic skin rash over the years. I never even expected this, my occasional outbreaks are gone. Thank you Electrolyte!


Washer doesn't smell anymore

By Erika 6-30-19

Size: 1/2 Gallon|Verified Purchase

I can't tell you how thrilled we are to finally have a smell-free washer and clothes. Following our washer flush with Internal Washer Cleaner, we only use Rain now. I have been telling all my friends. Thank you SO much for your help & care, you are the best.


My skin irritation was not from allergies.

By Jeff 4-12-2019

Size: 5-Gallon|Verified Purchase

For years I have lived with itching and rash. My doctor said it was from allergies, even gave me medicine. Started using this new detergent free laundry cleaner. After just two months, can't hardly believe my skin is completely clear, no rash or irritation at all. To the makers of Rain, thank you!


My acne gave me nightmares

By Cheryl 12-26-18

I thought my face was scarred forever. I have been using rain laundry detergent for over six months now, not expecting anything. my face has almost completely cleared up. The oily look my skin had is gone and the scarring much better. Bless you Rain!


All cleared up!

By Jackie 11-8-2018

Size: Refill Unit|Verified Purchase

Does anyone have this problem? For twenty plus years, my lower bum was blotchy, dry and had irritating skin bumps all over. Well I found something that finally helps. After three months of using Rain Laundry Detergent, my skin down there is all cleared up, soft and smooth now. ~Jackie


A life saver

ByJanes June 8, 2018

Size: 5-Gallon|Verified Purchase

26 yrs old, had  periodic struggles with depression and contemplated suicide. Medicine seemed to make it worse. We started using rain laundry detergent.  Within months her condition diminished. We believe it was chemicals from her clothing. We thank the makers of Rain!


Worked for me

ByTimon April 29, 2018

Size: 1/2 Gallon|Verified Purchase

I have been using clear, sensitive etc detergents for years. As my work clothes got older I would itch more. As my cycling gear got older I would itch more. At first thought maybe bacteria build up but that was not the problem. Thought maybe it was the pods themselves that I was using since it was the same tide sensitive I used before. Didn’t think it was the actual pod but I do believe what dissolved added to detergent build up. Just one mans opinion. That lead me to an article about detergent build up and off to Amazon I went found this non detergent product and have cured the itch. I waited till my clothes had 4 cycles of this product and each time they seemed better. After 4 problem solved.


five Stars

By nika on September 14, 2015

Size: 1/2 Gallon|Verified Purchase


The only one you’ll need… For life!!!!!!

ByJenny n April 3, 2018

Size: 1/2 Gallon|Verified Purchase

So after confirming that the bottle leaked out due to Amazon, I have talked to the owner of the company and he explained the way this product is different and very effective, using no detergents at all, using only proven and effective ingredients this is the brand I will switch to for life!!!. So it not only NEVER leaves any residue of any kind, it also removes all residue that other brands will leave, so you can actually mix it with other brands and it will remove their grime and residue, using plant enzymes.. This is a proven science ppl!!! There’s no scent left behind either. Perfect for anybody with sensitive skin, especially newborns. No toxic chemicals. Do your research when it comes to what you put on your body, because it ends up in your body too!!!


Great product

By fxrsyd June 13, 2017

Size: 1/2 Gallon|Verified Purchase

I have been using melaleuca laundry soap for years and never thought for a second, all the rash that I was getting was due to this product. Once I bought this product, and starting from my 1st wash, I noticed the rash starting to go away from my lower legs (thats the only part that was affected), been using it for a month & now, no rash. Great product, highly recommended.


Goodbye hives!

By Mitchell Boeckon April 30, 2017

Size: 2 Pack|Verified Purchase

I have had hives every day for the longest time, I thought I was already using a natural detergent, but desperate to try anything I gave Rain a try. My hives have significantly improved. My clothes are clean, have no sent good or bad, and I am less tchy. I love using something good for the environment and my family. It is expensive but definitely worth it. I suggest buying in bulk to save.


So happy to have finally found a detergent we love!

By T. Beaudoinon April 24, 2017

Size: 2 Pack|Verified Purchase

Really excited about this product for my daughter who can’t tolerate a lot of products. It arrived quickly, was packaged well and works great. I LOVE the light botanical aroma. Will be ordering more for sure! Happy to have finally found our new detergent.


The Only Detergent as far as I am concerned

By Lkt February 4, 2017

Size: 1/2 Gallon|Verified Purchase

My favorite detergent. The only brand I trust. I recommend to all my clients and use to clean the towels in our studio. Great product! 



By Jared K Eggerton January 7, 2017

Size: 2 Pack|Verified Purchase

Great detergent. Cleans our clothes with no nasty chemicals. Nice pleasant scent. 


Best Laundry Detergent out there for Skin Allergies

By ian on December 28, 2016

Size: 1/2 Gallon|Verified Purchase

The only laundry detergent I’ve used that doesn’t irritate my skin. As someone with a multiplicity of skin allergies, I’ve spent years trying to find something that doesn’t leave me with a nasty case of contact dermatitis, and this stuff does the job.


Laundry detergent has changed my life

By SJ on December 23, 2016

Size: 5 Gallon|Verified Purchase

I am 60 years old and have used rain laundry detergent for over three years. I used to have very rough skin, always cracked cuticles and pimply skin bumps all over my legs. I suffered from regular joint aches and thought they were normal.

Today my skin feels soft (no bumps) and more responsive than ever. Joint aches rarely bother me anymore. For almost 3 years now, my finger nails and cuticles have been totally healthy, smooth and zero cracks. Because of rain, our whole indoor environment has changed, we even reduced the use of dish soap, by adding vinegar, when doing any dishes. Thanks for this magical product!


Rain helped get rid of my toddlers Eczema

By Chase Cooper on December 21, 2016

Size: 1/2 Gallon|Verified Purchase

Rain Laundry Detergent is truly a godsend. My toddler had developed the worst eczema and we tried everything to get rid of it. Finally after switching our regular detergent, to Rain, as well as no longer washing his skin with soap in the bath, he is 100% free of eczema! With shipping, Rain is more expensive than what we used to pay for regular store bought detergent, but it is worth every penny! We will definitely be life long customers. Extremely happy to have found this product.


Itch free! Yay!

By Kay-Daver (Office of the Medical Examiner) on December 21, 2016

Size: 1/2 Gallon|Verified Purchase

At first was a little put off that the detergent was so thin and initially appeared to me to be just scented water. After doing a laundry load or two, I was pleasantly surprised by how clean and soft everything was. One of the loads was sweaters, and even after time in the dryer, there was no static electricity or annoying cling. I suffer from eczema all year ’round and none of the washed items gave me the rash I usually get. At that point, I wanted to gather up everything I had previously washed during the past week and wash it again in this detergent. My sheets actually got re-washed because although they are 100% cotton, they have been known to make me itch as well. It worked very well on my bath towels as well. My skin thanks you, Rain! 


Terrific Idea this 5Gallon Refill Pack –reuse your old Rain …

By Honest Indian on September 4, 2014

Size: Refill Unit|Verified Purchase

Terrific Idea this 5Gallon Refill Pack — reuse your old Rain container over and over…facilitates shipping – eliminates
Plastic container disposal. Environmentally friendly and still you get that terrific RAIN Laundry Wash, easier than ever!
What’ not to love?


#1 and only

By Denise Gage on December 20, 2016

Size: 1/2 Gallon

im so glad i dont have to worry about chemicals in my clothes because they’re not there. love using this makes me happy.


Why hasn’t somebody developed this sooner??

By Christopher Vance on January 3, 2015

Refill Unit|Verified Purchase

I am a 57 year old woodworker who still comes home dirty and dusty. I have always done my own laundry, preferring the powdered soaps over the liquids Lately I have been using mostly perfume and dye free as I have felt irritated by the chemicals and heavy perfumes. It was hard at first for me to believe in this product, as it didn’t make suds and it was “thin” like water (no thickening agents), things my mind was telling me had to be in there to work. But, after 4 or 5 loads I am very happy with this product. I like the smell, I like how it cleans and I like how my clothes smell and feel out of the dryer. I am also happy to be one less household sending conventional detergents toxic residue towards our ocean. Give it a try.


Great for eczema and sensitive skin.

By Jessica on December 5, 2016

Size: 1/2 Gallon|Verified Purchase

Have been using this detergent for a little over a year and love it. It’s virtually perfume free and has been so helpful in managing my 18 month old’s eczema breakouts. No other detergents made as big a difference in his allergic reactions as this one did. I bought three bottles at first and now I’ve upgraded to the 5 gallon dispenser which they sell small refill bottles for so it saves so much trash from going in the landfill. Would highly recommend to anyone with eczema or sensitive skin.


This detergent has a nice minty scent and has been doing it’s job of …

By Linda Smith on November 10, 2016

Size: 3 Pack|Verified Purchase

We’ve been using this detergent for awhile now due to my husband having breakouts from other detergents we’ve used prior. Since the change, his skin has improved. This detergent has a nice minty scent and has been doing it’s job of taking out stains. I am now using it to wash my 4 month olds clothes as well. So far, no irritation to her either. Happy mom. 


Environmentally Friendly

By Don R. Hilliard on November 7, 2016

Size: 1/2 Gallon|Verified Purchase

As we grow older, our skin tends to become thinner, and more susceptible to itches and other skin abnormalities. We tried RAIN at the beginning of 2015, as we had just moved in to our new home, and had a new washing machine that had not been subjected to other phosphate based detergents. We were pleasantly surprised at how clean the clothes came out, and that we no longer had the “itchies” from our clothes. Although the product is more expensive than the other “commercial” detergents, we feel that the benefits of an organic product that does not contaminate the environment and gets our clothes clean is certainly worth the extra cost.


Best Stuff

By Jeff Jaeger on October 30, 2016

Size: 1/2 Gallon
Best detergent!


Completely Satisfied!

ByKarl S. on October 7, 2016

Size: 1/2 Gallon|Verified Purchase

I have sensitive skin and cannot use nearly all laundry detergents, even the Free and Hypoallergenic. Rain detergent gets my clothes very clean with no skin sensitivity. I use it in the HE setting and it works great!


The most natural detergent!

By Amazon Customer on October 1, 2016

Size: 1/2 Gallon|Verified Purchase

I clean houses for a living. I love this detergent. Not only because this detergent does well with my laundry, I use it for many household jobs. It is sweet, thanks for this awesome cleaner.


A real eco-aware WINNER!

By Barbara by the pond on September 13, 2014

Size: 1/2 Gallon|Verified Purchase

Terrific cleaning. Zero suds means no residue and the laundry is truly cleaner. Truth is I am in the eco-aware cleaning business and most particular about all of the products I use at home. This product is the best I have used. I very highly recommend it. There is a lot of junk available. Just because there is a leaf on the outside of the bottle has little to do with teh eco-aware qualities of what is inside the container. This product is the real deal.


The scent is nice and clean but not overpowering

By Barry V on August 13, 2016

Size: 1/2 Gallon|Verified Purchase

This product was everything that it promised to be. Gentle on clothes, no softener needed and no static cling. Towels and blankets dried soft as did clothers hung on a laundry line, The scent is nice and clean but not overpowering. Best of the laundry detergent did not irritate my skin as many other detergents and fabric softeners do. The scent is nice and clean but not overpowering.


Finally, free and clear

By Lynn F on June 22, 2016

Size: 5 Gallon|Verified Purchase

I’ve been using Rain laundry detergent for the past year. After trying all the store brands that claim to be free and clear, I’ve finally found a product that is truly clean and clear and doesn’t leave behind any irritants. I have sensitivities to household chemicals, but this product is kind to my skin as well as my nose, having no scent. We bought the large plastic container (twice, by mistake) and will be ordering eco-friendly refills next. As for my laundry, everything is cleaner now with Rain.
If I ever need to use bleach to brighten whites, I can do so without worrying about turning my whites to a rusty red from a chemical reaction that used to happen when our water and store brand detergent mixed with bleach.
I’ve started to watch labels more closely on all all other products I use, so I can reduce the chemical load on my body. Thanks, Mineral Methods!


Great product for sensitive skin

By kpclarko on June 20, 2016

Size: 3 Pack|Verified Purchase

I developed an allergy, to what is still unclear, but I definitely know that most “Free and Clear” detergents irritate my skin. I read the reviews for Rain Laundry and gave it a try and am glad I did. It has a great, not overpowering scent and the clothes come out of the dryer soft.


I would not hesitate to recommend this product to any body

By Amazon Customer on April 27, 2016

Size: 1/2 Gallon

I personally have very sensitive skin, and constantly had a rash and I could never find a detergent that would not worsen the condition. However, after using rain for just 1 month I had noticed a change in my skin. Along with being an all natural and gentle detergent it does not skimp on making my clothes clean, bright, and fresh. They feel softer, and smell clean without smelly fruity and artificial. Now that I have become familiar with the product I now use the refill unit and it saves me about half the cost! I would not hesitate to recommend this product to any body, especially women who are pregnant or breast feeding! Most definitely a 10 star product!


just started using Rain detergent and it just feels great! So natural and fresh

By Jenny Thompson on December 11, 2014

Size: 1/2 Gallon

I just started using Rain detergent and it just feels great! So natural and fresh, I don’t have any reactions like I usually do and my clothes and sheets stay fresh for longer. Absolutely recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin or anyone simply looking for a natural way to wash your clothes.. This is it.



By Amazon Customer on April 25, 2016

Size: 1/2 Gallon

The very best laundry detergent I have ever used! Beorn


Best & Safest!

By T. Connors on April 11, 2016

Size: 1/2 Gallon|Verified Purchase

I’ve been using fragrance-free products for some time, but Organic Rain Laundry Detergent is a game changer. My clothes are clean and smell fresh when I remove them from the dryer and after a year, I don’t find any mold in the nooks and crannies of my washing machine. When washing my whites, I will add a little oxygen bleach (NOT OXI-CLEAN, which has many bad additives) to keep them their brightest. I truly can’t say enough abut this product. It’s simply the best.


Five Stars

By Raisa on March 26, 2016

Size: 1/2 Gallon|Verified Purchase

We use it for washing kid’s stuff and we like this. Thank you.


Nothing harsh. Performs as stated.

By Jessie C. Love on March 17, 2016

Size: 1/2 Gallon Cleans.


By W. K. Sikich (Bainbridge Island, WA) - Jaanuary 21, 2013 (REAL NAME)

Verified Purchase

This review is for: Mold KillerTM

Here in the Pacific Northwest, mold is a chronic problem. In the past I've used a variety of products, but found that plain old bleach and water was the most effective solution. However, even when diluted with water, the toxic fumes produced by bleach make it difficult and hazardous to use.

Then I tried Mold Madness (Mold KillerTM). You do need to follow the manufacturers instructions for application, but I found that after a short time drying the only noticeable odor was a pleasant citrus scent, and the mold was absolutely gone! Not only that, but it's now been several months since the initial application, and there is no evidence of the mold returning - and this is with a sailboat moored in cold water!