Natures Mold & Moss Killer "Viper" Commercial Grade, 5-Gallon. For absolute dehydration suffocation. FREE SHIPPING USA

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43.00 LBS

Mold & Moss Killer, our strongest Grade (MKTM), is a hyperactive temporary suspension liquid. Bitter pungent extracts, grain fermentation and natural parching mineral. Provides sure dehydration suffocation. Immediately invades the mold mycelium. Also pre-treat before mold grows. Unmatched one step to kill and protect, yet Bio-symmetric MKTM is completely indoor/outdoor environmentally friendly.

Bio-symmetric science shows the interactive Hypersensitive Plant Reactor (HR), is a dominant molecule inherent in certain perennials that prevent the spread of infectious microbial pathogens, the MKTM advantage.

The strong plant extremities and mineral additive in MKTM do not emit any residual fumes following the completion of a mitigation project, even taking into account the MKTM ongoing protection against mold rebirth. Please google: hypersensitive plant response (HR).

MKTM targets resistant pathogens. No other product suffocates the range of mold species as does bio-symmetric MKTM: a natural combatant that quickly dehydrates resistant bacteria cells on household materials. Bio-symmetric MKTM is unmatched in long life protection against mold rebirth. It is without dispute, the utmost in a professional non-invasive natural mold killer.

Contractors render rapid complete remediation without having to evacuate the premises due to toxic ingredients such as benzalkonium chloride, sporicides, or bleach based chemicals. The professionals we work with agree, not even highly toxic chemicals equal the overall power of MKTM. Discover the exemplary attributes of bio-symmetric MKTM. Hyperactive bio-symmetric molecules confuse resistant bacteria as suffocation sets in. Also google: bio-symmetric.

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