Internal Electrolyte Washing Machine Flush

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Typical detergents and washing machine cleaners, will not kill virus. 

    Use "Internal Washing Machine Cleaner" to flush out and strip away virus.


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Clean the internal parts of a washing machine and eliminate odor, bacteria and virus.

Plus extend the life of your washer.

A Half-gallon container will entirely clean one washing machine for a year.*

A 5-gallon pale will cleanse 10 washers.*

*If your washing machine is 4-years or older, or has excessive internal build-up,  a first time washer flush, may need a second flush treatment.

Before using "Rain Laundry Cleaner", flush your washer. Make your washing experience supremely effective.

Fabrics may keep a washing machine’s primary drum “looking clean”, but the secondary drum (the drain well), may be infected with bacteria filled black mildew.

From the washing machine, to your fabrics, live pathogens inflict

skin pores for unsuspecting millions of people.