Internal Electrolyte Washing Machine Cleaner 5-gallon, laundromat and common area laundry facility.

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43.00 LBS
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1 unit
Internal Washing Machine Cleaner, Kill bacteria, dissolve black slime and live growth. Will not harm fabrics including delicate wear. Extracts in this product are also included to help reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of the appliance.
Ingredients: Cold press rind oil which loosen mildew sludge and soap-scum. Long-term grain fermentation (strong electrolyte). Essential pungent extracts which are also organic sterilants. Raw crystalline, a bio-friendly compound, targets micro-organisms.  
  • Clean the internal parts of a washing machine and eliminate odor.
  • Effortlessly invade black slime from behind the drum without scrubbing.
  • Helps to reduce allergic reactions by removal of contaminated build-up.
  • Removes detergent irritants, grime and stop viral growth within the machine's secondary drum, the drain-well.