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Because of the people in every corner of the U. S., using our products, millions of gallons of what would have been toxic sewer waste, were replaced with "CLEAN WASTE WATER".

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OUR SITUATION: Keeping up with demand is beginning to overwhelm us.

We need automated bottling equipment for increased  production of Rain Laundry Cleaner (125,000.00), the projects backbone.  We need warehousing, increased inventory, shipping materials, research, vendors, labor costs, advertising and basic business development (175,000.00). This most basic need equates to 300,000.00.

Mineral Methods is debt free, and has never faced any sort of product defect or lawsuit.

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Disease-Causing Bacteria

Cleaning products may be responsible for pathogen filled biofilm (bacterial slime layers) in your washing machine.


9 out of 10 people who do a "washer flush" with Internal Washing Machine Cleaner, are excited by the new smell and softness of their fabrics.



 Be Happy - Stay Well


The World's Best Mold Killer



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