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Billions of Mega-tons of toxic "detergent chemicals" enter the environment daily.

 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: In a

freshwater environment, detergents break down the

protective mucus layer that coat fish



    Use Electrolyte Laundry Cleaners, enhance your indoor environment! medjvk.png


                           Many laundry detergent chemicals, including benzene, Soda Ash, bleach and dioxane, release


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More people get skin cancer, over all other cancers combined. ~ American Cancer Society.


 Each year unsuspecting millions of people, fall victim to a chemical led illness.   rld5g.jpgfront-half-g.jpg     1mold-kill.jpg  

 Electrolyte Laundry Cleaner                     Internal Washing Machine Cleaner       Mold KillerTM


Using a bath towel to dry off?

Billions unknowingly smear detergent

       chemicals all over themselves, including in their eyes

       and on lips, daily. Year after year, detergent

      poisons can, and do, alter a persons metabolic chemistry

                                                   healing-a.png                                          ___________________________________________________________________________________

  med-cross.png  Micro chemical ingestion: A leading contributor to poor health in America!

Internal Washing Machine Cleaner. The only flush we know of, that truly invades the smelly internal live growth.


 Internal Washing Machine Cleaner   

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