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Thanks to the countless people using our newly developed electrolyte laundry cleaner. Millions (perhaps billions) of gallons of what would have been toxic waste, have been effortlessly changed to environmentally friendly "electrolyte clean waste water".


This site's objective: Show people an effortless way to avoid vapor producing chemicals; America's leading contributor to poor health.


Microscopic detergent poisons transfer from clothing to your skin


Laundry detergents (including Eco-friendly detergents) are toxic, poisonous and invasive!


 Do you wash-up and then unknowingly, rub a towel containing toxic MICROSCOPIC detergent residue on your skin?


More people get skin cancer, over all other cancers combined. ~ American Cancer Society.


   Americans often sleep in linens which contain detergent dust and they breathe (ingest) toxic dust while sleeping.

Each year unsuspecting millions of people, fall victim to a chemical led illness.




Look seriously at changing from using detergent to using an electrolyte laundry cleaner.


Electrolyte laundry cleaners:


  • Clean as well or better than any detergent.
  • Eliminate bad bacteria more effectively than detergents.
  • Fabrics come-out 100% free of any soap or detergent residue.
  • Naturally softens fabrics without any softening agents.
  • Higher hE qualities than any detergent.
  • Toxic-free laundry room





Disease-Causing Bacteria

Cleaning products may be responsible for pathogen filled biofilm (bacterial slime layers) in your washing machine.


9 out of 10 people who do a "washer flush" with Internal Washing Machine Cleaner, are excited by the new smell and softness of their fabrics.



 Be Happy - Stay Well


The World's Best Mold Killer



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