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Congratulations "Out LOUD" to the people using the all new "electrolyte" laundry wash.

Instead of producing mega-tons of chemical sewage and in-home biofilm waste, they have already effectively discharged multi-millions of gallons of harmless "non-toxic drain water".

Electrolyte Laundry Wash (AKA - Rain Selectrolyte Laundry Wash):

  • Cleans better than any detergent
  • Our Selectrolyte formula is organically environment nurturing
  • Eliminate "bad bacteria" more effectively than detergents
  • 99.9% free of any soap or detergent chemicals
  • Naturally softens fabrics without any softening agents
  • Higher hE qualities than any detergent
  • Selectrolyte will not accumulate in nature
  • Can be used with stain removers
  • Selectrolyte inhibits growth of internal washing machine bugs
  • non-toxic drain water
  • VOC-free laundry room (VOC - volatile organic compound): many laundry detergent chemicals, including benzene, Soda Ash and dioxane, release vapors (vaporize) "readily at room temperature" and are generally more aggressive indoors.


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  This site's objective: Show people an effortless way to avoid vapor producing chemicals; America's leading contributor to poor health.


Microscopic detergent poisons transfer from clothing to your skin


Laundry detergents (including Eco-friendly detergents) are toxic, poisonous and invasive!


 Do you wash-up and then unknowingly, rub a towel containing toxic MICROSCOPIC detergent residue on your skin?

 More people get skin cancer, over all other cancers combined. ~ American Cancer Society.

   Americans often sleep in linens which contain detergent dust and they breathe (ingest) toxic dust while sleeping.

Each year unsuspecting millions of people, fall victim to a chemical led illness.




Look seriously at changing from using detergent to using an electrolyte laundry cleaner.


Disease-Causing Bacteria

Cleaning products may be responsible for pathogen filled biofilm (bacterial slime layers) in your washing machine.


9 out of 10 people who do a "washer flush" with Internal Washing Machine Cleaner, are excited by the new smell and softness of their fabrics.



 Be Happy - Stay Well


The World's Best Mold Killer



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