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Sorry folks, we no longer offer the 1/2-gallon (2-Liter) bottle of Rain Laundry Cleaner.

Beware of any look-a-likes.

Below see our detergent Free Laundry Cleaners

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Infallible family protection and baby rash guard.

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Before using Rain, flush your washer. This will make your experience amazingly more effective.

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   Rain is "100% free of any detergents, soap and or soap making chemicals"    -1-34507.png Outstanding for sensitive skin


After we bathe most of us dry-off with a towel, which generally has a film of detergent residue: POISONS that can enter the skin, agitate a range of health conditions and may cause years of skin tissue damage.



Even soap nuts may emit toxic residue that gets into fabrics - link.


For fabric spot removal, use your favorite stain remover on a

 spot and toss fabrics into the washer with Rain Laundry Cleaner.


 Here you'll find the world's only detergent-free rinse, every time!

  • New advanced "SUDS-FREE" cleaning. Get 100% detergent-free clothing every time. Rain is also softener free, yet with Rain's organic cleaning, it renders unmatched homemade natural softness. Never again sleep in linens carrying detergent dust. For more on Rain's mild whole body hygienic formula, google: hypersensitive foliage response Wikipedia.
  • Having an absolute detergent-free rinse, a kids active sweat glands will never absorb insidious detergent residue. After bathing, skin pores are wide open; use a bath towel which is free of any detergent or softener chemicals.
  • RAIN INGREDIENTS: Molecule selective whole-body plant extracts (breakdown soil and dirt). Cold-press fruit protein (helps neutralize typical chemicals in fabrics). Natural mined crystalline (a bio-friendly cleansing mineral) • Organic grain electrolytes (enhanced cleaning & softening). Remove fabrics from washer promptly and dry completely.
  • Rain contains NO stain remover chemicals.  Such agents often lodge in clothing and may enter a person by normal skin or gland-pathway absorption.

Rain Laundry Detergent & natural softening provides 3 incredible yet basic needs:
• 100% hE "detergent free" clean fabrics.
• Fragrance-free, naturally softened hypoallergenic clothing and linens.
• Toxin free laundry room.

See other discussion on Rain here.


Rain Laundry Detergent is 100% FREE of any soap or detergent.


Feel The Remarkable Rejuvenation & Skin Protection, Order Here.




Take Note Athlete's

 Babbie's, adolescents, and adults

Detergent residue in clothing, which is moistened by

perspiration, may enter the dermal wall on a daily basis and affect gland function.



Although a baby is at higher risk, adults may increase risk with aging.

 Detergents (also eco-friendly organic detergents), on many fronts regularly contain

hormone mimicking chemicals. These will often disrupt estrogen and testosterone function.

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