Mold Removal Products

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Mold Removal Reclamation


Homeowners, garden sprayer, dissolve and encapsulate molds.

Remediation professional, Mold KillerTM generally eliminates any need to scrap or sand.

Builders, protect your project it's smart to spray ahead, before stormy weather soaks your job site.

 Contractors often spray the crawlspace, sub-flooring material and roof sheeting before covering or stapling. Enjoy years of protection.

An eco-friendly natural composting agent that will quickly decompose organic matter, most beneficial for the user.
Mold KillerTM "Viper" is 5% stronger than Mold KillerTM Python. Viper is intended typically for commercial use and advanced mold growth.
Viper or Python:
Spray and watch Mold Killer TM reactive solution safely invade any surface media, including fungi mycelia, with deadly dehydration suffocation.
  1. Treat humid areas before bacteria grows. No bleach or benzalkonium chloride, no peracetic acids or sporicides, no ammonia, pesticide or insecticide, no synthetic additives or fragrance.
  2. The bulk of Mold KillerTM is heavier than water, therefore it also penetrates in high moisture conditions including on: Wet tile, soil/dirt, wood, metal, granite, rock, brick, concrete, carpet.
  • Expels a strong tart vinegar smell (commercial grade electrolyte) initially, yet will turn to a fresh citrus scent. Works with a fogger too.
  • Ingredients: Grain fermentation (debilitating to membrane) • Pungent essential oils (cell secretion Cold press rind extract (organism deterioration) Liquefied crystalline mineral (for lasting management).
  •  Product appearance may vary: Spring harvest yields deep yellow color, while fall yields are clearer.
As provider for our U.S. Naval Supply Depots, quality control for MKTM could not be higher.


Avoid harmful cleaners

Independent Lab Test Results

Disclaimer: A crawlspace or any surface, where Mold Killer TM is absent, could be subject to mold growth. Mold growth in an untreated area, may affect a previously treated area. Following a removal treatment, it is necessary that all treated areas have air circulation from the outdoors and dispersed to the outdoors by ventilation. Concealed areas must have permanent adequate natural or mechanical air flow in operation. Surfaces previously treated with bleach may jeopardize any treatment and or extra treatment may be necessary. During treatment, a HEPA respirator is always necessary.


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