Customer Feedback

 5/5: Great seller, thanks.


5/5: fast delivery.


5/5: Immediately results cleared the air.


Seller Response: Great info, thank you. GITK1 Team.


5/5: 没有味道.


5/5: Good.


5/5: Excellent service and hope it kills the mold which apparently has built up in my washing machine.

5/5: Arrived promptly.


5/5: Delivered quickly and as described.


5/5: So pleased with this product. Sprayed it onto the bottom of my basement walls. Almost instant success. Best part was a portion of the instructions noted to use in washing machines that collect mold in the mechanics and the drain that you can't get to. My washer has collected mold for years! With one treatment, I have removed the mol d! I will continue to purchase this product..



5/5: Customer Service is the best. The mold killer does what it says.



5/5: Would recommend!



5/5: Fast shipment, great item-Thanks!



5/5: Great Seller. Highly Recommended.




5/5: Love it, smells good too! worked just as it said.



5/5: No contact with seller, and love the product, but the heavy bottle requires careful handling or the solution spills out around the pouring section and spills from the lid (onto the washer... me). I've started pouring into a smaller container to use at the machine.


5/5: This is a reorder of a very good product.


5/5: I don't do feedbacks.



5/5: Excellent, as expected. Happy Customer.


5/5: This was again another reorder. I like Rain for my laundry!


5/5: Product is as described.






5/5: delivered on time, item as promised.



5/5: Excellent packaging; had been concerned about receiving in good condition, but they definitely take the extra steps to ensure a good delivery experience.


5/5: Its the best mold killer I've ever found.


5/5: The item was well cushioned and packaged; delivery was excellent! 


5/5: Item arrived in perfect condition and faster than expected.


5/5: I use only Rain for my laundry. This was reorder.


5/5: fine.


5/5: A very good product!


5/5: Thanks for providing an economical way to refill the 5 gallon container. Rain is a wonderful product -- very effective, fresh clean barely-there scent after washing, environmentally friendly. I'm recommending Rain to all my friends and family. 

Seller Response: Hi CG, Please perhaps suggest they first do a washer flush with Mold KillerTM. We estimate that 90% of washers have mildew build-up in the washer's sub-drain reservoir. Widely, people who have used MKTM to flush their washer, have reported exceptional fabric cleaning results and I myself agree. I had fine results with Rain at first, yet exceptional results after doing the washer flush. Thank you for your wonderful feedback. Brad Mineral Methods


5/5: great transaction, no problems.


5/5: I will purchase again.


5/5: Worked wonders.


5/5: Wonderful discovery😻so happy to stumble across.

Seller Response: Dear Judah, Because of you and the thousands who have turned to using Rain Laundry Detergent, this year alone, millions of gallons of water will never see detergent or harsh chemical contamination. USA! Thank you, GITK Team


5/5: No problems.


5/5: "Excellent Seller." WOOCHAE C., May 12, 2015


5/5: "The product arrived well packed and timely. I started looking for a product that had ingredients that were better for the washing machine and cleaning as well. Nice product." traveler, May 11, 2015


5/5: "Item arrived on time and as described." vshop, May 5, 2015


5/5: "Best ever ! Just installed new spectic system and was looking for a product gentle on system. Smells great cleans and no need for softener. A 10 !" robert bass, April 25, 2015

Seller Response: Thank you for this important information and everyone for their awesome feedback. Don't forget to do a review too. It helps emmensely to spread the word. Robert, as you know, when we consider the tens of millions of septic systems across America, and the fact that all fluids from them drain into the ground year after year, Rain has become absolutely essential as Rain is the only laundry cleaner harmless to the environment too.


5/5: "The package arrived in good condition." Donald Blust, April 23, 2015


5/5: "I have tons of allergies and have washed many loads before I could finally make an excellent judgement for Rain." limegreennacy, April 17, 2015


 5/5: "Great product." Lara Thompson, April 17, 2015


 5/5: "As always, quick service and a great product!" KELLY JOHNSON, April 16, 2015


5/5: "We are in the process of 'detoxifying' our home. When this arrived, I immediately started using it. But first I followed the instructions to clean the washer. Wow, did that make a difference immediately. I love the liquid consistency of the detergent and the fact that you only use very little. Every thing from linens to jeans to lingerie washes clean with a fresh (not perfume) scent. RECOMMEND!" Ali, April 14, 2015


5/5: "Great service!" Donna K Calvert, April 10, 2015

5/5: I LOVE THIS STUFF... HOWEVER,, NOT THE PLASTIC CONTAINER. Can you put this in a compostable or biodegradable container? Just the manufacturing of plastic negates the good of this detergent. Not to mention all the trash from the bottles. Not every area has recycling. WE need to make containers that are eco friendly and break down easily. Patrice Ellen, April 6, 2015

Seller Response: Dear Patrice, As a nurse, I know you'll recognize the Rain Refill bottle we use. We refresh, relabel and reuse these provided by donations. The pictured bottle, refilled with our "Rain Laundry Detergent Pure Ingredients", is used to refill our 5 gallons container, but then you just add water. Plus this saves on "non-biodegradable" plastics in a big way. Thanks to these bottle donations, together we have eliminated thousands of non-biodegradable plastic bottles, replacing them with quick biodegradable bottles. Quick biodegradable materials are exceedingly better in the environment as they can biodegrade within a short time. Because of your wonderful comment, we are on a new mission to develop a total biodegradable bottle for our products. Thanks again.

5/5: Thanks for the give us the information, the product is great and the way my wife is using it I will be buying often...Thanks! Neil, April7, 2015


5/5: "Arrived in good condition and in timeframe as promised." Cookie, April 7, 2015


5/5: "Smells good and works great." KELLY JOHNSON, March 30, 2015

Seller Response: Dear Kelly, Thank you, and everyone. The awesome feedback has been way more than expected. GITK Team, USA!


5/5: "Good stuff!" Valerie W, March 29, 2015


5/5: "Last summer my Mother gave us a bottle of Rain. Today my allergies rarely flair up. My noise is no longer a big red spot on my face and my eyes are clear all the time." Jordan, March 23, 2015


5/5: "Arrived well packaged and leak free. Love the smell." Pat, March 20, 2015


5/5: "we have used rain laundry detergent for over a year. my skin feels stronger and extra soft now (the skin bumps on my legs are gone too). surprisingly, no longer do we need chap stick. I sleep through the night more soundly. who knew?" Mike, March 16, 2015


3/5: "Let me start out by saying this company offers outstanding customer service. They will answer any questions you have and are honest to a fault.
There is essentially no sent left from this product on the laundered items, (I have an ultra sensitive nose). So if your one of those people who like your laundry to smell... I suggest you add a drop or few of essential oil to the rinse cycle. Our family is allergic to scents/soaps... So far not one of us (there 7) has had any reaction to this product, not even when I did not rinse out the detergent.
I used this product in both a HE Front loader (2014 Samsung) and a standard NON HE top load washer (1926 Maytag wringer washer). My husband works as a Mechanic, we live on a farm with animals, so we get filthy and smelly.
Product performance was only fair, in my HE Front load, on normal soil/dirt; it was not able to remove strong odors, ie. sweat, deodorant, etc. I tried doubling the detergent, but still found the results were not as hoped for. I found it necessary to rewash all the loads.The same was true with soiled linens from our dog that just had pups. The lousy washing ability of the Samsung washer is partly to fault. It doesn't matter what brand of laundry soap we have use the performance is not great. ECOS/BIOKLEEN/TIDE etc.
Performance in the NON HE top Load washer was better, on general dirt and odors. Strong smells, geese, gas, diesel, oil were not removed; or required doubling the detergent or a second wash. This product used in the top loader was able to remove general dirt and smells along with the filth from soiled linens from our dog that just pupped out.
The Company rep told me before I purchased this product it was not the best at removing grease, and true to their word it only dose a fair job on grease stains.
PRICE is outrageous; it's over a Dollar a load, and for my family having to double the amount used or washing twice, it is ludicrous!!! In my opinion the 5 gallon dispenser is too large to be practical. It's very pricy, I suggest purchasing the Refill Unit/ for the 5-gallon container, and then purchasing your own dispenser. I hope in the future this company can find a way to concentrate this product. I'd like to say I will purchase this product again but the cost is a bit prohibitive." BAR, March 6, 2015

Seller Response: Hello Bar, As much as this review is critical, it is wonderful too. We surely appreciate the way you expressed the points, so as to give a clear description.
Your washing machine's secondary drain tanks are likely overgrown with mildew and need a flush out.
Just pour a 1/2 gallon of Mold KillerTM in your washing machine. It is typical for a washer's secondary tank (the drain tank) to built up with toxic mildew and soap scum. A washing machine flush will also greatly enhance the cleaning and softening of your laundry.
Whether a front or top loading washer, once you do a washer flush with Mold KillerTM and dissolve the internal build-up, your washer will smell fresh and new. A Rain wash-load will turn out exceptionally better.
After doing a washer flush with Mold KillerTM, the use of Rain Laundry Detergent will inhibit any further washer build-up.
The costs we pay for the bulk ingredients in the Rain Laundry Detergent are not cheap. Although the Rain 5 gallon unit will do 350 "small to medium loads", so it will generally do 280 to 300 large loads. Overuse of Rain due to heavy soils and or extra large loads is fine, yet you may still easily get 265 loads, but lets call it 200 loads. The 5 gallon price of Rain is $87.59, and at 200 loads, this equals .43 cents a load for amazingly skin beneficial fabrics.
For "standard" wash conditions, as we have studied and washed hundreds of loads using every variation of amounts, Rain Laundry Detergent washes best using the directions prescribed on the container. For the average household (wash load size averaged out), this would amount to about 315 loads which would cost about .26 cents per softened and detergent free load. Of course we know, with extra large and dirty loads, a little more Rain in the washer is fine.
On another note: Here at Mineral Methods we rarely consider doing a second rinse. With the exceptional skin extracts that are inherent in Rain, the most healthy solution may be a single rinse. Thanks for that great review.


5/5: "All great!" carrie n, March 3, 2015


5/5: "Product is great! Used in a daycare center. Washes and rinses well. Less static on the clothes. Nice fresh scent. Smells like fresh mint. Staff really likes it." Gail J, March 2, 2015


 5/5: "Received exact items ordered in a timely manner. A minor criticism that I have is that the cap of one of the two bottles was a little loose allowing a little fluid to leak." Dexter Yarza, March 1, 2015


5/5: "moisture seeped in under our walk-out basement sliding door. we sprayed mold killer and concrete is back to looking normal. great stuff!" debbie m. February 24, 2015


5/5: "Doesnt smell bad! Worked great! Mold smell is gone! havent seen any re-growth and its been a couple of weeks." Lizzie, February 23, 2015


5/5: "Rain Laundry Detergent is really phenomenal, thank you!" Betsy & Jim, February 22, 2015


5/5: "Perfect, thank you!" Barb, February 22, 2015


5/5: "Seller was the best when the package got lost, thanks!!!" ERICK D, February 20, 2015


5/5: "Worked great." Rey Benae, February 19, 2015


5/5: "Very prompt delivery. Loved the service and the product. Will be ordering again!" Rachael A, February 18, 2015


5/5: "I got the rain laundry detergent in a very timely manner and was very surprised the liquid was well maintained without a single leak! Love this product and will be buying more from this seller!" Rachael A, February 18, 2015


5/5: "No problems." Elizabeth B, February 15, 2015


5/5: "These are reorders that I use daily for my lips, hands and places that need help with the winter cold which causes uncomfortable and itchy skin." limegreennacy, February 13, 2015


4/5: "quick shipment thank you. I will post a review once I have a chance to use the product" B. L. Bernardo, February 7, 2015


5/5: "good experience" Timothy H. Wright, February 5, 2015


5/5: "I'd Buy Again" James, February 4, 2015


3/5: "It's a good product...I can tell a difference in our laundry from Rain Laundry Detergent, it just doesn't deep clean , especially denim and heavier fabrics that well." Derek, February 1, 2015

Seller Response: Morning Derek, Thank you for your response. Rain Laundry Detergent deploys a very different and beneficial experience in laundry cleaning, although we can assure you it does "deep clean" and exceptionally quick. Rain will treat your fabrics at a speed greater than typical laundry detergents, as Rain does not have thickeners. Rain will also rinse out equally as fast. Other laundry detergents contain surfactants (thickener). Thickeners cling in fabrics during the rinse cycle. Our testing shows, Rain is great for removing toxins and heavy soils from fabrics, though it is not a stain remover. Because stain removers may harm your skin and the environment, for us it is important to avoid products claiming to be concentrated or removes stains. ITK1 Team


5/5: "Perfect" Guy Y., January 31, 2015


5/5: "Perfect" Guy Y., January 31, 2015


5/5: "Pros: So far the product has neutralized all mold and mildew I have applied it on. I have tried it on painted walls, antique trunk and with paper lining. I am preparing to to a large area and utilized a sprayer for dispersion. Strong vinegar fumes and take a few days to clear. But it provides peace of mind as I know the mold is dead and I have not observed any mold spreading. Cons: price" ARH, January 24, 2015

Seller Response: Dear ARH, First, wonderful feedback. When some molds are treated, they put-off a very putrid discharge odor, a smell that may last a day or so. Often people associate the "mold discharge odor" with Mold KillerTM. Generally the Mold KillerTM tart citrus scent itself does fade away within a couple hours of its drying, however any “mold secretion odor” is another important reason to use a fan when treating molds. PS. The natural ingredients used in Mold KIllerTM are fairly difficult to get, plus they are expensive to acquire. We love your feedback, Thank you. Michele


5/5: "Easy transaction, good packaging, and prompt delivery" Danielle, January 16, 2015


5/5: "Excellent transaction - liquid item properly packed and arrived safely." l, January 13, 2015


5/5: "Excellent transaction" Booklover, January 11, 2015


5/5: "My order was sent quickly, once received I had a question/concern and was contacted immediately after sending the email. Brad from Mineral Methods was extremely helpful and courteous on the phone and my issue was resolved quickly and to my satisfaction." Carolyn W., January 6, 2015


5/5: "I am happy working with this company and I am happy with the results from the detergent" Christopher Vance, January 5, 2015


5/5: "Great product and at a fair price."Daniel S, January 5, 2015


4/5: "Have not used the product as yet, therefore I can't comment on it." Marlane A Carroll, December 30, 2014


5/5: "Love this mold killer. I poured some in my bath tub drain and let it sit for three hours and that moldy smell finally disappeared. Great buy and cheaper than a similar purchase I made on one of those shopping networks last year."Thomas C Meehan, December 23, 2014


5/5: "great" ahmad sobouti, December 22, 2014


5/5: "Mold KillerTM arrived on schedule" G. D. Cremer, December 19, 2014


5/5: "Arrived on time, as described" G. D. Cremer, December 19, 2014


4/5: "I love this rain laundry detergent. However, every time I have ordered it, it is leaking when it arrives at my house. Not only is this a mess, but it means I'm not getting what I paid for because the product has leaked. Just wanted you to know that, so maybe you can work on the packaging issues." Texashorn8892, December 17, 2014

Seller Response: Dear Kimberly, Thank you for you mention here. It is most important. Generally the moisture leak are actually just vapor leaks caused by high-altitude transportation, such as 30.000 feet in an airplane. Ninety nine percent of the time, the vapor leak amounts to less than a teaspoon. With that said and your feedback, we are now preparing the shipments using a new stronger cover-all cap seal. Merry Christmas and best wishes Kimberly, ITK1 Team.


5/5: "Item as described, super fast shipping! Thank you!" Angela B., December 5, 2014

Seller Response: Dear Angela, thank you for your feedback. Is Ozone treatment for indoor black mold safe? Ozone Hazards & Ozone Toxicity Levels,b> Exposure to indoor ozone treatment at levels greater than 0.05 ppm for 24 hours at a time is likely to be dangerous: [2], [3] Health hazards to humans and animals occur and can be severe at ozone levels used for indoor cleaning purposes. At least some people can smell levels of ozone down to 0.05 ppm. This odor-detection level is already half-way to the recommended limit. If you are generating ozone indoors, even at "low" levels a problem may be present. People become desensitized to odors in a short time, perhaps 20 minutes. So if you do not smell it, the ozone level could still be hazardous. Problems include:[4] Lung irritation and infection. Breathing pain, coughing, wheezing, difficulty when exercising. Permanent lung damage. Aggravation of pre-existing asthma Increased risk of lung illnesses such as bronchitis and pneumonia Reduced breathing capacity Use of ozone to "remove" or "kill" mold is ineffective, not recommended, and may be dangerous. Even if ozone were applied at a concentration and for a duration sufficient to "kill" every mold spore in a building (which is a very dubious claim), depending on the mold genera/species present there is a good chance that the process leaves toxic and allergenic particles in the building.


1/5: "Due to poor packaging, 1/4 of the soap leaked out soaking the interior of the package. Please advise on what you want me to do." Wes D., December 8, 2014


5/5: "Item as described, super fast shipping! Thank you!" Angela B., December 5, 2014

Seller Response: Dear Angela, thank you for your feedback. Is Ozone treatment for indoor black mold safe? Ozone Hazards & Ozone Toxicity Levels,b> Exposure to indoor ozone treatment at levels greater than 0.05 ppm for 24 hours at a time is likely to be dangerous: [2], [3] Health hazards to humans and animals occur and can be severe at ozone levels used for indoor cleaning purposes. At least some people can smell levels of ozone down to 0.05 ppm. This odor-detection level is already half-way to the recommended limit. If you are generating ozone indoors, even at "low" levels a problem may be present. People become desensitized to odors in a short time, perhaps 20 minutes. So if you do not smell it, the ozone level could still be hazardous. Problems include:[4] Lung irritation and infection. Breathing pain, coughing, wheezing, difficulty when exercising. Permanent lung damage. Aggravation of pre-existing asthma Increased risk of lung illnesses such as bronchitis and pneumonia Reduced breathing capacity Use of ozone to "remove" or "kill" mold is ineffective, not recommended, and may be dangerous. Even if ozone were applied at a concentration and for a duration sufficient to "kill" every mold spore in a building (which is a very dubious claim), depending on the mold genera/species present there is a good chance that the process leaves toxic and allergenic particles in the building.


5/5: "Thank you, quick shipping" Lisa E Reynolds, December 2, 2014


5/5: "The mold remover was securely wrapped without waste. Thanks." Brockmann fan, November 29, 2014


5/5: "Item arrived promptly, well packaged. Still trying it out, so can't really say, but as far as ordering, delivering....excellent! :-)" Julie A., November 19, 2014


5/5: "Prompt delivery. Secure packing. No problems." Jean Pates Rummel, November 17, 2014


5/5: "My order, mold killer, shipped out the same day I placed it, arrived in 7 days after it shipped via UPS (standard shipping; I live in MN) and was in very good condition. No problems." Jeff J., November 14, 2014


3/5: "wished for more direction on use of product" Amazon shopper, November 12, 2014

Seller Response: Hello Doreen, Thank you for your mention. I have requested that additional directions be added to the Mold Killer TM label.


5/5: "Received the products, but the packaging should have included popcorn, foam or rolled up newspaper since the thin Mold Killer TM bottle got dented." Magical Dragon, November 10, 2014

Seller Response: Hi Andrew, great feedback for us to expand on. The quart container we provide are unique in that they can exceed 40,000' in elevation and quickly drop to sea level, yet they will not burst or leak. The plastic is a medical product that can biodegrade more quickly than slow biodegradable plastics, plus these bottles are recycled. Thank you, ITK1 Team


5/5: "Great easy to use product, fast shipping and excellent packaging make this a winner! Thank you, MINERAL METHODS!" Noire, November 5, 2014


5/5: "I can't buy this product locally and am very pleased to have it delivered quickly and conveniently." Robin C., November 5, 2014


5/5: "Arrived in a timely manner and without spilling in the box." J, October 26, 2014


5/5: "Arrived in a timely manner and without spilling in the box." J, October 26, 2014


5/5: "Item Was Packed Nicely Received On time. Can't rate performance of product yet" naiha1, October 25, 2014


5/5: "Item arrived very quickly, well packaged." Roxalane, October 18, 2014


5/5: "Excellent Service!! Would do business with again!!" John Doe, October 18, 2014


5/5: "The item package was broken and some liquid was spilled out, but the feedback was very fast when i requested for return. So, my rating is still five star -- mainly for the after-sales services." Jason Q., October 17, 2014

Seller Response: Hi Jason, Great feedback and thank you. Recently we developed a "cap protector" to help eliminate trucking/shipping damage. We have just supplied Amazon distribution centers with the new cap protected units. If for any reason your replacement is not expedient, please let us know. 888-716-6548


5/5: "I ordered 6 of the "Rain" laundry detergent from this seller (fulfilled by Amazon, though). During shipping, the bottles leaked, and so, a couple of bottles had lost quite a bit of detergent. The seller found out about my problem (I left feedback) and called me. The seller said they would send me a free bottle for my troubles and that they had a solution to the leaking problem. Thanks, Brad." Jeff J., October 17, 2014

Seller Response: Dear Jeff, THANK YOU. Drawbacks with trucking carriers and your constructive feedback has definitely allowed us here at Mineral Methods to strengthen our packaging jackets. As we know carrier damage is occasionally inevitable, we seek new ideas for packaging. Besides our fulfilling your previous Amazon order, a gift for your help has been added. We love those we serve. Brad


5/5: "Amazing product!" Matt, October 14, 2014


5/5: "Great seller and smooth transaction!" Helen R., October 14, 2014


1/5: "seems that our laundry detergent is and has been stuck in Goodyear, AZ. Need to know what you can do."boo, October 13, 2014

Seller Response: We are very sorry, a new order is on the way. ITK1 Team


5/5: "great PRICE AND GREAT PRODUCT" Peke, October 10, 2014


5/5: "Arrived 10/ 08" Dian Brennan, October 9, 2014


5/5 "I have very sensitive eyes and live on the edge of a vast hardwood forest. We get mold and mildew! This kills mold with no work and does not irritate my eyes at all. I am grateful for this earth- and people-friendly product." Adonaisdaughter, October 6, 2014

Seller Response: Diane, Thank you for taking the time to speak out. Please try our Rain Laundry Detergent. It is excellent for people with sensitive conditions, including eyes, nasal, skin and allergies.


4/5 "Pricy but effective. It works as advertised." James R., October 2, 2014

Seller Response: Hi James, thanks for your mention. Know that we are working hard buying in larger bulk in order to lower our prices. Brad.


5/5 "My order, natural mold killer, shipped out the same day I placed it, arrived in two days after it shipped via UPS (two-day shipping; I live in MN) and was in very good condition." Jeff J., October 1, 2014

Seller Response: Hi Jeff, Thank you and everyone for all the great feedback, ITK1 Team.


1/5 "I'm very very angry : the bottle has been opened in the box and... she was empty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very disappointed."Gerald et Mayder GAINANT, September 30, 2014

Seller Response: Dear Gerald, shipment was damaged by trucker, new item has been sent, thank you.


5/5 "Was easy to order, delivery was prompt and actually faster than I expected" valerie magditch, September 29, 2014


5/5 "Item arrived on time and as described." vshop, September 29, 2014


5/5 "Fast, efficient and as described. Great seller." D. H. Brown, September 28, 2014


5/5 "Update - I was contacted by Brad from Mineral Methods immediately. He offered to send a replacement detergent free of cost. I am amazed by the immediate response from the seller and courteous service. Original - The detergent can came opened with the liquid spilled all over the box. More than Quarter of the box was empty and the shipping was soaked with detergent." Subash, September 26, 2014

Seller Response: Thanks Subash, for coming back and updating your review, it meant a lot to us. Brad.


5/5 "This detergent really is different from any other detergents at least any detergents that I have ever tried. The liquid itself has the viscosity of water. It smells minty in the bottle but no smell is left on your laundry. I am a person that does like smelly things so I didn't now if I'd like it. But I do in fact I Love it and I went and bought the 5 gallon." Dani, September 25, 2014


5/5 "The detergent was so well-wrapped that there were 3 steps to get it opened, but I was very glad that it was so well-wrapped because it did not leak at all and the packaging was not difficult to open. Good job!" Robin C., September 19, 2014


4/5 "Fast delivery. Just a little comment about packing. I know it's difficult to pack this plastic plastic bottle full of liquid, but maybe you can do a little more." Karn, September 18, 2014

Seller Response: Hi Karn, Your feedback helped immensely. Since you mentioned it, we have now added a new shipping band to the cap. Thank you, Jay.


5/5 "This is a great product. My skin allergies related to other popular commercial laundry detergents have gone away by switching to Rain. From New Mexico, Thanks." Amazon customer, September 13, 2014


5/5 "Product was delivered promptly and exactly as described; would be very pleased to do business with this seller again." Mark A., September 12, 2014


5/5 "Thanks!!" TheHappyHermit, September 7, 2014


5/5 "Prompt delivery, great product." Phizzleson, September 6, 2014


5/5 "Every aspect of the delivery and product were as advertised." Mick T., September 6, 2014


5/5 "Received promptly and packaged securely - seller highly recommended. Thank you!" Sarah, September 6, 2014


3/5 "Product did not completely remove mold after multiple applications." dburgoon, September 3, 2014

Seller Response: Hi Donna, Nice speaking with you today. I am glad to hear that Mold KillerTM was at least effective around your plumbing fixtures. Your mention of the resistant bedroom ceiling mold, tells me perhaps you have mold growing through your ceiling from the attic, or growing within your ceiling board. I would start by going into the attic and doing a heavy spill/rinse with Mold KillerTM. Thank you for your important information, Brad.


5/5 "My order, laundry soap, shipped out the same day I placed it, arrived in two days after it shipped via UPS (two-day shipping; I live in MN) and was in very good condition. "Jeff J., August 28, 2014


1/5 "Not sure about this product" Roberta Brown, August 24, 2014

Seller Response: Dear Roberta, It was good talking to you on the phone this morning. Please avoid using alcohol to prep surface prior to using Mold KillerTM. Alcohol is a very invasive liquid that will counteract Mold KillerTM's effectiveness.


5/5 "Great product!" Onjaya M. Howerton, August 24, 2014


5/5 "Noproblems arrived as promised" Michael H., August 18, 2014


5/5 "Love this product. I use around my equestrian facility. Works great and has a clean smell." Ann Blythe, August 16, 2014


5/5 "Arrived quickly and product did its job!" michael h., August 14, 2014


5/5 "Excellent" Glenn R., August 12, 2014


5/5 "Excellent and Quick service, Thanks so much." Rojohro, August 11, 2014


5/5 "Item arrived on time and was packaged well. No problems encountered." Larry M Faust, August 10, 2014


5/5 "Where is my merchandise, not delivered. I really like your product." BK, August 9, 2014


5/5 "Actually arrived the following Monday, but the product is great."Ann Blythe, August 5, 2014


1/5 "Product arrived broken (bottle had a fracture leak) and spilled into the plastic bag in turn spilled over the contents of the and damaging the box. Not sure if the bottle was under pressure in shipping or if the bottle was insufficient for shipping. Bottom line, 1/3 of the (expensive) product was gone. Since Amazon wouldn't provide a replacement I submitted a packing review w/photo." toriokyo, August 4, 2014

Seller Response: Hi Tori, So sorry about this experience. Please call me and we will get you a new order out, Pronto! Jay, 970-759-2869


4/5 "the seller did fine -- the delivery company did not" Holly C., July 31, 2014


5/5 Item as described, packaged well, arrived in a timely manner." Tigrrl, July 30, 2014


5/5 "Item arrived on date predicted and in great shape." Anonymous, July 29, 2014


5/5 "Fast ship! Item as described! Very satisfied!" Kegman5, July 27, 2014


5/5 "Excellent packaging!" Barbara by the pond, July 19, 2014


5/5 "Items arrived quickly and in good condition. Thank you!" LEE H., July 19, 2014


5/5 "Fast delivery and item well packaged."John M., July 15, 2014


5/5 "Fast shipping and item arrived well packaged." John M., July 11, 2014


5/5 "Great stuff and glad there is such thing. My order arrived on time and no problems."comradgeneral, July 3, 2014

Seller Response: Hi Stephen, I have a brother Stephen. He is amazing too. I want to say thank you for your response. It's a big help! Jay


5/5 "I really appreciate the product, and shipping went smoothly - on time with appropriate packaging." Gabby, July 2, 2014

Seller Response: Hi Gabriena, your input is vital, it is very helpful to everyone researching what products to choose. Thank you, Jay


5/5 "Excellent!" Kathyfi, June 29, 2014

Seller Response: Dear KathyFi, We love your nickname. Thank you for sharing here. Jay


5/5 "worked very well on black mold in my closet mold was on sheet rock and it killed it, thanks for the product I needed it." Dennis F., June 28, 2014

Seller Response: Hi Dennis, Without all the wonderful response help we have received, we would be struggling to present these very healthy products. Thank You, Jay


5/5 "product worked with mold kill I used first for the black mold, a lot of scrubbing did the job." Dennis F., June 28, 2014

Seller Response: Dear Dennis, your feedback is very valuable to us here at Mineral Methods. Thank you! Jay


 5/5 "Have not tried yet but as described and fast shipping! Great helpful sellers!" lex, June 18, 2014

Seller Response: Thank you, I so value your time and input. Jay


 5/5 "Good shipping. Loved the product it took care of my issue. I would use again. Loved that it was safe for both me and my pets. "Beth M., June 12, 2014


5/5 "AMAZING PRODUCT!! This product not only works as advertised, it is very user friendly. It has left several of my projects smelling fresh and clean with zero mold regrowth. I will continue to use this product on all future mitigation projects. Very happy and will recommend this product to everyone." KGC Limited, June 10, 2014


5/5 "Item arrived as expected in good condition."honestreviewer, June 8, 2014


5/5 "A+ transaction. Thanks!" Chris, June 6, 2014


5/5 "Great customer service." Erik Dunham, June 1, 2014


5/5: "well packaged and shipped quickly. I appreciated the phone call to assure correct delivery! Good job!" Christine C., May 28, 2014

Seller Response: Dear Christine, Thank you for your message. We only make special contact if an address alert or shipping discrepancy arises. The alert we called about turned out to be false :) Jay Date: May 30, 2014


5/5: "the transaction was fine I don't know anything about the product yet"
alan a. May 27, 2014


5/5: "We had a whole closet of hunting clothing that had become covered with mold spots. I wondered if it would all need to be thrown away. The dry cleaners (which would have been very expensive) didn't have much hope. I ordered this product, took it and my 3 loads of clothing to the laundromat and brought back everything completely free of mold and looking brand new. Wow! This worked just great!." Carla Jentoft, May 19, 2014

Seller Response: Dear Carla, We see that your purchase was Mold KillerTM ( Your feedback is important because Mold KillerTM is cleansing for the washing machine outer discharge lining and pump canal. A washer's discharge lining does allow grime build-up as well as promotes mold growth. Mold KillerTM was an ideal choice you made to use in the washer and on your mold infested hunting clothing. Our Rain Laundry detergent is milder on fabrics, but also prevents build-up in a washing machine. Thank You, Jay


5/5: "Fast shipping! Great product." Amazon Customer, May 14, 2014

Seller Response: Hello, Thanks for the feed back. As a master plumber for over 30 years and once plumbing foreman for the Verdi Waste Water Treatment Plant, detergent gunk is seriously toxic and thickening in many cool conditions such as those in a water treatment plant. The majority of Americans get their drinking and bathing water from treatment plants. Rain has an amazing ability to cleanse sludge build-up. If just a portion of America used Rain, there would be an amazing clean water transformation. Jay


5/5: "Came fast and packed well." Pam Vienneau, May 12, 2014

Seller Response: Hi Pam, Thank you for your purchase. Rain Laundry Detergent, plus natural softener may do a great wash for laundry, but also Rain is environmentally safe, even if seeps into the ground water. Rain is an excellent by-product to help keep municipal or metropolitan waste water treatment plants free of gunk build-up too. Just FYI, Jay


5/5: "GREAT PRODUCT, GREAT SERVICE!" Lisa J, May 9, 2014

Seller Response: Hello Lisa, Thank you for your response. Over the last several years consumers have come to believe that "plant based" ingredients are somehow better. Plant based may refer to chemically altered extract feedstock and therefore may contain harmful additives and be difficult to determine what is actually in a product. The plant extracts in Rain Laundry Detergent are not plant based, but instead Rain is made up of actual natural unaltered plant oils and simple electrolytes, most beneficial for you and the environment. Jay


1/5: "Wanted to love it! Soap leaked in shipping, did not remove normal ( not smelly just reg.) laundry odors or dirt. Co. rep was rude on the ph asking if I actually used the soap?! wow. Will not pay return shipping so I am out double shipping-which is more than the soap itself. If you are unsure, have never tried it or don't know a person who has, don't risk it. Expensive and co. is a bit rude." Jason H, May 5, 2014

Seller Response: We tracked this responce and found a connection between this contact and one of our compettitors. Please do not let our competitors sway your choice.


5/5: "I must say this is a FANTASTIC laundry detergent!! I was a little surprised at the slight vinegar smell in the bottle but there was absolutely no smell in the laundered items. I always use a little bleach on my white close with each washing, but did not when using this. I COULD NOT believe how white the clothes were!! This product is all the seller claims and MORE!!" Jan Jackman, April 24, 2014

Seller Response: Dear Jan, I recall you emailed Mineral Methods to inquire about Rain Laundry Detergent. I felt you were quite unsure if it was all we claimed it was. This is a beautiful review you left here, thank you Jan. Jay


5/5: "Great seller!" Meg W., April 21, 2014

Seller Response: This was AWESOME for you to say, Thank you!


5/5: "The item didn't arrive by the due date, UPS noticed damage to the package, and I contacted the seller, and they were prompt in sending out a replacement. Got it today, and was in great condition." weed78, April 14, 2014

Seller Response: This was great of you to express. We are efficient in getting orders out rapidly, but for damaged or lost shipments, we quickly hand deliver new shipments with even more reinforced packaging. Thank you!


5/5: "Shipment arrived very fast!! Product worked as was promised and then some!! Helped to rid me of my mold problem!! Will definitely buy more!" shygirl, March 24, 2014

Seller Response: Hopefully you have exhausted anymore need for Mold KillerTM. Shygirl, you might give Rain Laundry Detergent a shot, you will never look back!


5/5: "Excellent" Lynda K., March 22, 2014

Seller Response: Thank you for all the orders! Linda, we make many cleaning products. If ever you need a product and you don't see in our store, you can call for any assistance, 970-759-2869.


5/5: "Excellent" Lynda K., March 15, 2014

Seller Response: Linda, thank you! 99.96% kill positive...Yes! State Authorized Aerobiology Laboratories analysis of Mold KillerTM. Click link to review:  Jay


5/5: "Excellent" Lynda K., March 3, 2014

Seller Response: We sure appreciate your mention here. It's most important to us as our mission is to help eradicate harmful cleaners that many people use.


5/5: "Recommend seller" Rod F., March 3, 2014

Seller Response: Awesome feedback! Thank you Rod.


5/5: "it worked" Ronald L. Gage, February 25, 2014

Seller Response: Thank you Mr. Gage, and feel free to spray on to your tub and shower walls. Mold KillerTM provides a natural protective shield too.


4/5: "works as described" KJM, February 23, 2014

Seller Response: Thank you for your feedback!



Seller Response: AWESOME FEEDBACK! Thank you for this information. Don't forget to check out Rain Laundry Detergent & Natural Softener, the perfect solution for an exceedingly clean atmosphere.


5/5: "Outstanding product!!! It works as advertised and makes clothes soft and static free. I will be purchasing more in the future". KGC Limited, December 17, 2013

Seller Response: There is nothing like Target Laundry Detergent & natural fabric softener on the market. We have received several comments from people that they will never go back to their old detergents again! Thank you for sharing this feedback. J


1/5: "very disappointed with the shipping. When I ordered it, Nov. 15 I believe, it was supposed to be 3-5 shipping days. I waited over 12 days and when it finally arrived the bottle was broken. So I ordered another which was supposed to have been here by last Thurs or Fri. at the latest. I did not get it until Mon.. I couldn't move into my new apt. for 2 more weeks. NOT HAPPY!!!" particia morse, December 11, 2013


5/5: "item worked as I had hoped."Mary V. Seneker, November 15, 2013

Seller Response: Thank you for your feedback. It is so important that we can't say thank you enough! Thank you! Jay


5/5: "fast service"menucha y., November 15, 2013

Seller Response: Shipping is an integral part of Mineral Methods. No way can we allow a day in-between shipments. Thank you very much for messaging here! Jay


5/5: "This product is awesome and worked as described and promised. The packaging could have been more secure. I am amazed it came to me without damage."
Jennifer D Leffel, November 13, 2013

Seller Response: Jennifer, If you liked Mold KillerTM..., try Target Laundry Detergent. Detergent residue rinses out. Never again dry with a towel that harbors harmful chemical particles. Especially, thank you for this update about our packaging, it helps us out greatly. jay


3/5: "It took a month for the seller to ship the item. We haven't used it yet so I can't comment on the product itself. This was one of two of the worst buying experiences, but not THE worst. At least I received the product. I think the seller is a nice guy and this was just one of those orders that slipped through the cracks." Nel, November 10, 2013

Seller Response: Dear Nel, Your order was processed the day we received it and sent that following morning. The order (as I believe USPS informed us 10 days later) was lost in shipment, plus you notified us. A replacement order was held up as we were informed by USPS that they had found your lost package. It wasn't until you informed us again, did we immediately send out another package. I believe we also shipped out a free gift as our way of apologizing for the shipping conflict. You were very patient, that was clear to us. Thank you for your understanding, Jay


5/5: "Item was on time and as described." Thomas Payne, October 27, 2013


5/5: "Quick delivery" Nelson, October 22, 2013

Seller Response: It is really important to us that orders go out the day they were received. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Jay


5/5: "I already gave an excellant rating. I have nothing further to say. "Jan K., October 18, 2013

Seller Response: Dear Jan, Your response so appreciated. Thank you, Jay


5/5: "fast service - as described" L. .G. avid reader, October 12, 2013

Seller Response: Dear Linda, Thank you for the feedback. Jay


5/5: "Was hoping for more product information. Wasn't sure it would work for my use so returned it, no problems." Anne BC, October 9, 2013

Seller Response: Hi, If you were unable to find the information here, please visit our amazon store or google the product name you are interested in. We have published a plethora of information, including our MSDS files. Thank you, Jay


5/5: "Thanks" W.D., October 2, 2013

Seller Response: We pray you loved it, Jay


5/5: "many thanks for the fast shipping" tar heel, August 28, 2013

Seller Response: Yes, thank you! It is very important that orders are packaged carefully and shipped immediately. Jay


5/5: "The item came in the middle of the expected delivery window. The item was just as advertised." Paul Lozito, July 26, 2013

Seller Response: Thank you for your mention here, so helpful! Jay


5/5: "Item arrived on time and just as described. Thanks" Laura Trummer, July 13, 2013

Seller Response: Our goal also is to get orders packaged carefully and shipped immediately. Thank you, J


5/5: "This product arrived on time and is exactly as described online. It works absolutely great! It kills the mold immediately and you don't have to worry if you splatter it like most other mold killers or bleach. I would highly recommend this item!" Mainer71, July 10, 2013

Seller Response: Your feedback is greatly appreciated! It is with our customers in mind that we aim higher to get orders out. Jay


5/5: "Great service " Tiffany C., June 25, 2013

Seller Response: Many thanks for your feedback, it is very helpful! Jay


5/5: "prompt and very effective product" Richard Reid, June 22, 2013

Seller Response: The original reason for Mold KillerTM was to join in the fight against America's toxic chemical infringement. Together, we can improve the air quality in America! Thank you for your great response, Jay


5/5: "Great product. Some may think this is too costly, But it does a beautiful job and has no unexpected consequences. Used this for an older female friend that was about to spend quite a bit of money and the contractor was going to use a bleach or hypocloride-type compound which would have caused all types of air quality issues. This is really a good compound. Thanks for offering this item." pa00138833, May 19, 2013

Seller Response: This was such a needed feedback. We are trying to get our prices down. Our ingredients are whole bodied and this makes them a bit more. Thank you, Brad


5/5: "Great job" Whipit, May 17, 2013

Seller Response: Our goal is to battle the unnecessary and harmful chemicals in America. With people like you, the the toxic chemical infringement that America is under, can be overcome! Thank you, Jay.


5/5: "Great product...removed the mold quick & easy. Strong vinegar smell for several hours, but not too bad." MELINDA GRAHAM, May 13, 2013


5/5: "good" Bill S., March 26, 2013


5/5: "Fast to ship, seems to work as described, easy to apply." Todd D. Duprey, March 6, 2013


5/5: "This is one great product! I actually hunt down mold around my house now, just so I can knock it our with Mold Killer! Excellent service, too! Thanks."
Marge, March 4, 2013

Seller Response: We appreciate your time. Responses help us to determine many characteristics about mold, particularly differences in mold location and variables in high and low altitude mold growth. If you find time, please tell us the color and size of the mold growth that you had treated. Best regards


4/5: "The item arrived as it was described in the specified time." Jeremy, February 23, 2013


5/5: "seems to work, no hassle" hly387, February 11, 2013

Seller Response: Thank you Mr Young. If ever you do find an excessively resistant mold, please let us know. It is inevitable as there are hundreds of species, but we haven't found even one that we can't resolve.


5/5: "Great product! It transformed the atmosphere in my sailboat from stale and musty to fresh and clean in one application." William K., December 29, 2012

Seller Response: Dear Sir, Your review was very inspiring. Thank You!


4/5: "Not seller's fault, but the product smells like vinegar. I would not buy it again. I doubt it is as good a product as it claims." Keith, December 9, 2012


5/5: "Quick and as described...thanks!" betwixter, December 8, 2012

Seller Response: Thank you for your feedback. We need to know how Mold KillerTM responds to different climate and elevations. It couldn't be as advanced without you.


5/5: "no problems" Alan Block, December 7, 2012

Seller Response: Thank you.


5/5: "Item as expected." Arlene S., December 3, 2012


2/5: "Item was not sealed under cap and lost volume in shipment. It was filled only to top of label. The gallon obviously missed a quality check by the seller in advance of shipment. Being a victim of Sandy, my contractor needed the entire amount. Amazon is wonderful; they credited me for this item and I purchased additional mold killer locally due to time constraints." Debra T., November 30, 2012

Seller Response: Occasionally gallon containers get overlooked, though we try to double-check caps for tightness as shipping boxes are filled. We were very sorry about the shortage and were glad to provide for the refund. Thank You for letting us know, it is invaluable.

5/5: "Thanks" Terry H., November 10, 2012

Seller Response: Responses help us to pinpoint problematic or highly resistant molds, particularly an area, thank you.