What detergent cleaner is safe for home use?

What detergent cleaner is safe for home use?

Posted by Jay on 31st Dec 2018

As it is, laundry detergent is likely the most widely used toxic chemical in the country.

70 years of vital information on chemicals, which people are exposed to daily, has been surprisingly unavailable. 

Over the years, millions of people have fought disease and lost.

Manufactures have long had an obligation to express the dangers of what we were allowing against our skin (hidden in our fabrics). Has our clothes and linens been laden with toxic, mutative detergent residue?

When we shower, our skin pores open wide up. Do we then dry with a towel harboring detergent dust? 

We believe the concept of expressing "plant based" is a tactic to make sales, and contamination is perhaps monumental in every part of our lives.

"Plant Based" detergent refers to processed feedstock (such as coconut, palm or other vegetable source) which have been distilled and fractionated in a corrosive acid solution cycle. The process formulates a multitude of insidious detergent compounds (liquid thickeners, odorless chemical agents, powders, concentrates, etc).

We urge you to consider a detergent-free laundry cleaner, one that not only uses oxygen, yet also contains a hydrogen activator.