Virus at Risk of Bacteria Infection

Virus at Risk of Bacteria Infection

Posted by GITK Team on 4th Mar 2019

Smart pathogens (fertile bacteria), may impact people "long-term". Bacteria breeding ground and biofilm, reside in most washing machines and share not only the air, but live in fabrics too.

Fabrics may keep a washing machine’s primary drum “looking clean”, but the secondary drum (the drain well), often has live pathogen growth. Caustic soap scum, trapped in heavy mildew, regularly contains fecal matter and diabolic strains of bacteria.

After bathing skin pores are wide open, use a bath towel which is free of any detergent biofilm and guard against infection of a virus condition.

Ironic these disease causing organisms take refuge in what should be the most sanitary, bacteria-free place in a home.

Known to have adapted regardless of top and front load machines, pathogens often become resistant to detergent chemicals.


Biofilm bacteria internal build-up in the Washing machine (WM), have high resistance toward detergents. Ideal for  development of a dangerous bacteria breeding ground, biofilms are shown to harbor many human pathogens including, E. coli, coliform, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Klebsiella pneumoniae.

Risks due to a contaminated washer may lead to complicated health problems: increased eczema outbreaks, agitation of lyme disease, reduced hormone production, lower testosterone and estrogen renewal and for many overall poor health.

Get the silent bacteria electrolyte eliminator and reduce chance of virus infection. Perhaps google internal washer cleaner, there are very few deep-crawling solutions, that will truly cleanse a WM.