The best way to soften fabrics and eliminate static cling.

Posted by Girls in-the-know Team on 27th Dec 2018

First let's discuss why your fabrics need a softening additive. 

All Detergents even powders, have thickener qualities in them.

After doing a wash-load, you either put your fabrics on a clothes line or put your fabrics in a dryer.

Either way, when the wash-load dries, and because there was detergent residue still trapped in the fabrics (due to thickeners), the microscopic detergent film hardens the fabrics as they dry.

Otherwise, without detergent, there would be no reason for a softener.

So just to recap, not only could your fabrics be filled with toxic detergent residue, if you use a softener, you will have softener residue in them too.

If you bathe and then dry off with a towel, we hope you are using a detergent-free towel.

The best way to eliminate detergent residue and get exceedingly soft fabrics is to get rid of laundry detergent and start using a detergent-free laundry cleaner. This also helps eliminate static cling too.

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