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Ideas For Baby Rash Protection

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A typical myth is that baby urine alone causes itch or rash.

In having a rash, urine is not always a factor: Remember folks, we can get an itchy rump or rash just by wearing a wet bathing suit (one with chlorine alone or just sea salt).

Adding to this, we venture to say, urine alone would take a lengthy time to start a rash of any substance. 

Rash may be better blamed on detergent residue, creams, salt or powders that are present when a baby wets.

For the best process to avoid rash, we recommend you find a detergent-free natural fabric cleaner and perhaps use chemical-free water instead of baby wipes.

Detergent-free fabrics and chemical-free water is a great way to reduce or eliminate a bottom rash outbreak.

Perhaps check Amazon here for natural detergent free cleaners.

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