Avoid Testosterone Disfunction

Posted by Brad on 16th Dec 2019

Laundry detergents contain chemicals, many of which contain highly toxic chemical byproducts known as dioxins. These develop their own hormone-disrupting properties. Dioxins are also being found i … read more

self-help tips

13th Jan 2019

Laundromat & residential washing machine cleanerFabrics may keep a washing machine’s primary drum “looking clean”, but the secondary drum (the drain-well), is often overgrown with black slime, lea … read more

How To Positively Impact Household Cleaning

Posted by GITK Team on 16th May 2018

Our best seller, Rain Laundry Cleaner is a detergent-free fabric cleaner. A healthy alternate trusted by thousands, we estimate our customers have already prevented the discharge (easily exceeding … read more
Breathe naturally and avoid skin agitators

Breathe naturally and avoid skin agitators

Posted by GITK Team on 27th Mar 2018

Typical cleaners found in a home, may induce high levels of toxic agitators. The most widespread of these agents, may be detergent. Many of which contain hormone mimicking chemicals(HMC). We ingest th … read more