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Serving Galveston, Houston and surrounding areas. Do-it-yourself homeowner mold removal made easy.

As provider for our U.S. Naval Supply Depots, quality control for MK Python could not be higher.Unlike the traditional process of mold removal, with Mold KillerTM a project becomes much easier and profitable.With Mold KillerTM, hand cleaning and vacuuming become unnecessary in most cases. Generally with-in 72 hours, there will be no evidence or sign that [...]

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Mold Killer

Due to today's global warming, the growth of mold and mildew will increase seasonally. The importance of pre-treating you property has become essential in most coastal or humidity ridden communities.We advise people living near or in humid conditions, to start a mold treatment program for their home at their earliest opportunity. 

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Mold Spray Outcome

This weekend I came upon the most unusual mold. As I stepped into In a large shed (where children had been playing), I was unaware to the mold infestation growing all around me. I am very sensitive to molds, and although I could not see any evidence that mold existed there, I knew this shed [...]

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mold remediation

I was first acquainted with a mold infestation during the early 70's. My boss had me spray a make-shift mold killer solution, that he had brewed up, on some mold. Today, 3-6-2015, I am heading up to a mold restoration project, in an exclusive residential development, to inspect a mold infestation. Evidently the soil in the [...]

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Mold prevention, treat tactical places in your home.

In humid states, preventing of mold before it grows is an activity people engage on a routine basis.As the global warming persists across Earth's atmosphere, increasingly changing the Earth's climate, the need for mold prevention has heightened. The prevention of mold growth is much easier than killing established mold and may only take 30 minutes [...]

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Steps necessary to recognize and kill Black Mold

What is mold?Mold is a body of microscopic organism that form and survive on plant or animal matter. Mold can be found growing on many surfaces (most troubling in the home). In order to colonize, molds produce spores. These spores act like seeds as they form new mold growth when conditions are right.How do molds [...]

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Bio-symmetric Characteristics

Plant leaves, while considered symmetric, rarely match up exactly when folded in half, the same is true with plant molecules. Symmetry in plant molecules create a class of patterns in nature, which conceal hyper-intensive movement amid bad bacteria. This hyperactivity will target infected cells on varied levels, starving out any pathogen growth.Bio-symmetric science shows the [...]

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