Are mold killers harmful cleaners.

Posted by Brad on 31st Dec 2018

Typical home mold removal products with high toxicity levels include: Lye - sodium hydroxide, ammonia agents, sudsing soaps, chlorine bleach, organic ether's or formaldehyde imbued cleaners, and c … read more
Do mold killers work?

Do mold killers work?

Posted by Jay on 30th Dec 2018

Hi Constance,I enjoy writing to you about Mold Killers. Of the many mold killers available today, most of them claim to be environmental and or people friendly. After an in-depth research into many … read more

Can a washing machine contaminate laundry?

Posted by ITK1 Team on 30th Dec 2018

Soap scum & mildew build-up in washing machines.As a washer is tested with liquid, then sits in a humid warehouse, even this new machine could mildew internally. But the drain cavity of most washe … read more