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13th Jan 2019

Laundromat & residential washing machine cleanerFabrics may keep a washing machine’s primary drum “looking clean”, but the secondary drum (the drain-well), is often overgrown with black slime, lea … read more

Cleaning your washing machine

2nd Aug 2018

As toxins and poisonous sludge build up in a washer, it is vital that it be flushed out with a cleansing agent at least once a year.Internal Washing Machine Cleaner is one that works well and will lea … read more

How to clean a toxic laundromat washing machine.

Posted by GITK Team on 30th Jul 2018

Does your laundromat smell of toxic detergent buildup?"I'd rather wash my clothes under a faucet than use a gross smelling laundromat washer".Detergent build-up and soap scum exposure happens routinel … read more