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Working Environmental Program Awakens Authorities!

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If not for the aware people interacting with this site, not much would be going on.

"Our customers have already prevented the discharge (easily exceeding millions of gallons) of poisoned water from entering American waterways", said Bradley Stewart, owner of Mineral Methods LLC.

Targeting poisonous fumes that cause illness:

  • The Mineral Methods initiative on dangerous chemicals in America, has already reduced the production of highly toxic environmental contaminates.
  • Their recycling program has reclaimed and reused thousands of plastic bottles and miles of cellophane wrap.
  • Plus, they have developed a truly natural "cardboard"(not synthetic) for bottling". Hopefully no more plastic containers. Funds are still needed to launch this innovative phase of packaging.
  • Additionally, they have developed the world's only "detergent-free" combined "natural softener" Total Organic Fabric Cleaner. This has also effectively helped hundreds of people alleviate or prevent illness (see here).
  • They have been providing 100% toxin-free products to financially and medically challenged individuals across the U.S., which has aided in the fight against caustic chemicals in nature.

Today, only minor progress to ending America's cancer epidemic has been achieved.

Over time, daily clothing free of detergent residue, may improve "

low self-esteem", plus reduce adolescent aggression disorders.

Together, we can refresh tributaries, rivers and oceans.

Naturally chemical-free cleaners, prove positive for having exceptional cleansing and environmental qualities.

  • Currently, conveyor equipment and warehousing are badly needed. 
  • The "all natural cardboard" (not synthetic) for bottling are sorely needed for their innovative method of packaging.
  • Additionally, Kids World Environment Project has naturally taken on its own life and requires full time attention now.

This program has likely already enhanced your life and or the environment around you.

In the 1st half of the 1900's, birth defects were relatively less frequent. The second half, escalated per-capita beyond the expected population expansion. Now your kids, kids, are even more vulnerable to health defects.

Everything most dear to people, is involved here in this phenomenally directed project.

Join us, please. Your children were at relatively higher risk than you, yet their children face even higher risks and new complexities.

Your gift will also naturally aid in our efforts to target company's that produce harmful man-made chemicals.

Please scroll down and click the donate button, your help is imperative!

To the people who have donated to this incredible movement, and to the many people for their continued patronage, w

thank you!

  See More About Mineral Methods CEO & The Mission.

See the start-up initiative here: Kids' World, Environment Awareness Program

                               (970)759-2869 text accepted                                                                 rep@itk1.com

More About Mineral Methods Owner & The Mission

"Clean the Earth and people in general, benefit!"Bradley Stewart (President of Mineral Methods LLC), was born in Long Beach, CA, 5th of eight healthy children.He has now lived nearly thirty years in a beautiful farming community in Colorado, mainly having been involved with construction and planing.Three of many U. S. construction projects that Mr. Stewart [...]

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Breakthrough #Health & #Environment Initiative, We Need Your #Help

Over the last few years, we have raised "environmental awareness" for thousands of families.Literally just making ends meet, our efforts have provided Americans with a new and innovative way of living naturally healthier.The Mineral Methods Mission, has already prevented millions of gallons of poison detergent discharge from being released into the soil throughout America.As we [...]

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Myths about mold removal

These items listed below will not generally terminate mold. At best some may stun molds. Bleach may make it appear white (blend in with the surface), other chemicals may only discolor molds, or even remove the surface appearance. Plus these chemicals or extracts listed below, are generally unsafe if mixed in part or all together. Bleach Borax Vinegar Ammonia Hydrogen [...]

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Note to search engines.

Dear search engines and crawlers, if just a small portion of Americans were to learn of Mineral Methods and the benefits of Rain Laundry Detergent, a great clean water transformation would ensue throughout water treatment plants across the USA.

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Pediatric Care - As we grow up...

About many home cleaners, such as laundry detergents, dish soap, carpet cleaners, etc. The term "Plant Based" is often used by companies to attract consumers. The term "Plant based", includes a chemically processed plant feedstock (like milkweed or coconut). Plant juice that is combined with corrosive acid chemicals at high temperatures and under-go chemical diffusion [...]

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Mold Spores, Alive or Not?

Dear W.K., After reading your great review, it reminded me of a mold mediation project we preformed using Mold KillerTM. I had discovered a 10 ft. by 12 ft. bed of black mold growing on the dirt under my customer's home in his crawlspace. I sprayed Mold Killer TM over the entire area. Three days later, [...]

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Reviews help people greatly.

Thank you for both of your wonderful reviews on Amazon. Here at Ello Int., we treated a mold infested tiled shower surface with bleach. We found that bleach did not actually kill the mold membrane. Because bleach will counteract the power of Mold KillerTM, we cleaned the tile surface first with Mold Stain Remover and [...]

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Bleach test on surface coated with Mold Killer TM (Total Management).

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