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#Fluoridation of #Drinking #Water

Say no to fluoride in your city water.                                                                                                    TABLE of CONTENTS #Arthritis #Gastrointestinal Effects #Bone Fracture #Hypersensitivity #Brain Effects #Kidney Disease #Cancer #Male Fertility #Cardiovascular Disease #Pineal Gland [...]

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Working Environmental Program Awakens Authorities!

If not for the aware people interacting with this site, not much would be going on."Our customers have already prevented the discharge (easily exceeding millions of gallons) of poisoned water from entering American waterways", said Bradley Stewart, owner of Mineral Methods LLC. Targeting poisonous fumes that cause illness: The Mineral Methods initiative on dangerous chemicals [...]

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I am a philanthropist, but I probably shouldn't share this about me.

Hygiene of the skin: when is clean too clean?I am actually trying to find a better way. I bathe daily, yet I only use skin soap once a week (except I wash hands regularly) and a small amount of shampoo, quickly rinse, 3 times a week.Why?From birth, natural skin oils react with soap chemicals while bathing. This [...]

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Rain Laundry Detergent

New advanced "SUDS-FREE" cleaning. Get 100% detergent-free clothing everytime.Rain

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Breastfeeding Your Newborn Baby

Dear Lori, Natural breast creams likely soothe at first, yet may attract bacteria. These type of agents may cause oily stains on your shirt. Typically, washing clothes will leave strong detergent residue in your fabrics.Research reveals, moisture from breast seepage, may react with detergent residue and inflame breast tissue. A bra could contain substantial detergent residue. This [...]

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Will depression, skin disorder, or sleep deprivation concern your family? Laundry Detergent.

From birth, through old age, our vital organ are at risk of chemical intrusion. Our skin is likely engaged with laundry detergent residue. With this, our immune system may be hightened, year after year for most of us, to defend off detergent chemicals absorbed by the skin. The medical term for chemical absorption is endocrine disruptor. [...]

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