Virus at Risk of Bacteria Infection

Virus at Risk of Bacteria Infection

Posted by GITK Team on 4th Mar 2019

Smart pathogens (fertile bacteria), may impact people "long-term". Bacteria breeding ground and biofilm, reside in most washing machines and share not only the air, but live in fabrics too.Fabrics may … read more

Best Healthy Skin Tip

Posted by GITK Team on 19th Jan 2019

As one who has gone from healthy skin for over 50 years, to poor skin at 60 and now at 64, my skin issues, including skin tension, are much better again. I urge everyone to avoid toxic chemicals in fa … read more

self-help tips

13th Jan 2019

Laundromat & residential washing machine cleanerFabrics may keep a washing machine’s primary drum “looking clean”, but the secondary drum (the drain-well), is often overgrown with black slime, lea … read more