Lung Disease Holistic Care

Lung Disease Holistic Care

Posted by EFFORTLESS HOLISTIC HEALTH on 22nd Mar 2020

Americans often sleep in linens which contain detergent dust, and they breathe (ingest) toxic dust while sleeping.I agree that smoking causes lung disease, yet I argue that detergent dust causes perha … read more

Detergent Surfactant Contaminate

Posted by GITK Team on 29th Feb 2020

Surfactants, or surface-active agents, are chemicals that reduce the surface tension of oil and water. In detergents, surfactants would help dirt to drop out and stay out of clothing or other item … read more
Laundromat bacteria may harm DNA

Laundromat bacteria may harm DNA

Posted by Brad on 21st Feb 2020

Use of laundry detergent, may awaken massive accumulated dormant pathogenic bacteria in a washing machine, which target human DNA health. Chemical agents (such as many in the laundry industry contain … read more

Strong Electrolyte Washing Machine Cleaner

Posted by GITK Team on 26th Jan 2020

Detergent thickeners may be responsible for biofilm growth leading to dangerous "chemical-resistant bugs" in a washing machine.With the surface coating of soap-slime deep in a washing machine, biofilm … read more