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Laundry Detergent having natural softening, may provide 3 incredible yet basic needs:

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What we want are at least 3 incredible basic needs:
• hE "100% detergent free" clean fabrics.
• Fragrance-free, naturally softened highly hypoallergenic clothing and linens.
• Toxin free laundry room.

Rain Laundry Detergent, having natural softening provides the world's only true 100% detergent-free single rinse. Regardless of whether Rain is overused in the washer or not, no need to second rinse. Fabrics washed in Rain, will always rinse 100% free of any detergent residue.
This cleansing agent plus silky softening, was originally developed for the newborn baby, though being an all-natural Bio-symmetric solution, it is exceptional for the whole family.
Bio-symmetric science shows the interactive Hypersensitive Foliage Reactor (SAR), is a stand-out molecule inherent in plants, which naturally target resistant bacteria. Comprised of enriched extracts, Rain's advanced organic solution effortlessly elevates everyday skin care. For more on this google: hypersensitive foliage response Wikipedia.

Does deodorant contain detergent chemicals?

"Vulnerable Gland" Tip of the Month: Avoid using deodorant directly on under-arm skin. Instead first put your clothing on, than apply a dab of deodorant on to the fabric at armpit area. Note: To remove any white residue, rub fabric with a dry cloth.

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Working Environmental Program Awakens Authorities!

If not for the aware people interacting with this site, not much would be going on."Our customers have already prevented the discharge (easily exceeding millions of gallons) of poisoned water from entering American waterways", said Bradley Stewart, owner of Mineral Methods LLC. Targeting poisonous fumes that cause illness: The Mineral Methods initiative on dangerous chemicals [...]

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We have a couple of questions. Perhaps people are asking them too.

Why have most laundry detergent makers of today and long ago continued with harmful chemicals in their products? Chemicals that cause depression, skin disorders and cancer.Here at Mineral Methods, we began to experiment with making laundry detergent only three years ago. Within just two months, in 2012' we learned something totally unexpected. Laundry detergents contain dangerous chemicals. Chemicals that are on [...]

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The review can be found in our feedback

Hello Bar, As much as this review is critical, it is wonderful too. We surely appreciate the way you expressed the points, so as to give a clear description.Your washing machine's secondary drain tanks are likely overgrown with mildew and need a flush out. It is typical for a washer's secondary tank (the drain tank) [...]

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The Important Laundry Rinse

Rain Laundry Detergent deploys a very different and beneficial experience in laundry cleaning. Providing a deep clean and quickly, Rain will work throughout fabrics at a speed greater than typical laundry detergents. Since Rain does not contain thickener, Rain will also disperse quickly in the rinse & drain cycle. Most detergents contain thickener, which may even retain [...]

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Will depression, skin disorder, or sleep deprivation concern your family? Laundry Detergent.

From birth, through old age, our vital organ are at risk of chemical intrusion. Our skin is likely engaged with laundry detergent residue. With this, our immune system may be hightened, year after year for most of us, to defend off detergent chemicals absorbed by the skin. The medical term for chemical absorption is endocrine disruptor. [...]

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Affluence from laundered fabrics may increase seasonally dry or sensitive skin conditions?

Sensitive skin is challenging for many, yet for some people there is no concern. Our skin spends years under the effluence from laundered fabrics containing detergent chemicals. Will this impact decrease over the years? Sensitive skin issues, such as dry skin, will also change, perhaps escalate with aging if the problem is not targeted. If [...]

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Laundry detergent

Powder or liquid, U.S. laundry detergent makers will often use at least one of three methods to make a thickener for their detergent; anionic, cationic or non-ionic. Detergent making thickener begins with a feedstock: Crude oil or varied vegetable oil feedstock (includes coconut feedstock). Feedstocks originate in nature, making all feedstocks technically "natural." However, all detergent feedstocks become "SYNTHETIC" as they [...]

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