Doing Laundry The Safe Way

Doing Laundry The Safe Way

Posted by GITK Team on 21st Feb 2020

Try Electrolyte Laundry Wash (AKA - Rain Selectrolyte Laundry Wash): Cleans better than any detergent Our Selectrolyte formula is environment nurturing Eliminate "bad bacteria" more eff … read more
The New Wave In Laundromats

The New Wave In Laundromats

Posted by laundromat news on 20th Feb 2020

New Laundromat Guidelines - Increase Foot Traffic. We will provide (free) 10 units of deep "Internal Washing Machine Cleaner" and the details you'll need in this amazing offer. Customers will love t … read more

Strong Electrolyte Washing Machine Cleaner

Posted by GITK Team on 26th Jan 2020

Detergent thickeners may be responsible for biofilm growth leading to dangerous "chemical-resistant bugs" in a washing machine.With the surface coating of soap-slime deep in a washing machine, biofilm … read more

Avoid Testosterone Disfunction

Posted by Brad on 16th Dec 2019

Laundry detergents contain chemicals, many of which contain highly toxic chemical byproducts known as dioxins. These develop their own hormone-disrupting properties. Dioxins are also being found i … read more

How to clean a toxic laundromat washing machine.

Posted by GITK Team on 30th Jul 2018

Does your laundromat smell of toxic detergent buildup?"I'd rather wash my clothes under a faucet than use a gross smelling laundromat washer".Detergent build-up and soap scum exposure happens routinel … read more