How to avoid rough and dry skin

Posted by GITK Team on 9th Jan 2018

Hormone-mimicking chemicals (found in many typical and organic laundry detergents) may distort estrogen & testosterone function.As the 100-year disease pandemic thrives, we also see depression and … read more
Why donate to Mineral Methods LLC?

Why donate to Mineral Methods LLC?

Posted by GITK Team on 8th Jan 2018

Our mission has become our duty, although the f i n a n c i a l h u r d l e s are relentless. Recently we uncovered new research about Pattern Caused Illness. In this our best seller, Rain Laundry D … read more

Affects on skin washed with soap

Posted by not known on 10th Jun 2016

In an investigation, the effect on skin of repeated use of two washing agents, all skin function tests (stratum corneum capacitative resistance, lipids, transepidermal water loss, pH, laser Doppler … read more
How to restore #testosterone levels.

How to restore #testosterone levels.

27th May 2016

From birth, perspiration and body moisture react with detergent chemicals in our clothing. This activity is often absorbed by our skin which enters our bloodstream. As typical detergent chemica … read more