Lung Disease Holistic Care

Lung Disease Holistic Care

Posted by EFFORTLESS HOLISTIC HEALTH on 22nd Mar 2020

Americans often sleep in linens which contain detergent dust, and they breathe (ingest) toxic dust while sleeping.I agree that smoking causes lung disease, yet I argue that detergent dust causes perha … read more

Ideas For Holistic Baby Rash Protection

Posted by Girls In The Know Team on 27th May 2018

A typical myth is that baby urine alone causes itch or rash.In having a rash, urine is not always a factor: Remember folks, we can get an itchy rump or rash just by wearing a wet bathing suit (one wit … read more

Nightly, millions may breathe in detergent dust

Posted by GITK Team on 24th May 2018

Effortless holistic Health365 Days A Year Serious Health Concern:Link: Detergent is poisonous! Link: Be aware, fabrics often release detergent dustLink: Oxford Academic Published: Low-Dose Effects of … read more