Strong Electrolyte Washing Machine Cleaner

Posted by GITK Team on 26th Jan 2020

Detergent thickeners may be responsible for biofilm growth leading to dangerous "chemical-resistant bugs" in a washing machine.

With the surface coating of soap-slime deep in a washing machine, biofilm (a bacterial slime layer) takes form initially attaching to the soap slime.

Incoming bacteria accumulates inside the biofilm.

Good or bad bacteria, will enter the biofilm, spawn with-in it's slime layer, and does engender dangerous, resistant bacteria.

Therefore, "Resistant Disease-Causing Bacteria" can and often does spawn In washing machines.

From the washing machine, to your fabrics, live pathogens inflict skin pores for unsuspecting millions of people.

We highly encourage doing a strong electrolyte washing machine cleaner.

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