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Serving Galveston, Houston and surrounding areas. Do-it-yourself homeowner mold removal made easy.

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As provider for our U.S. Naval Supply Depots, quality control for MK Python could not be higher.

Unlike the traditional process of mold removal, with Mold KillerTM a project becomes much easier and profitable.

With Mold KillerTM, hand cleaning and vacuuming become unnecessary in most cases. 

Generally with-in 72 hours, there will be no evidence or sign that mold had ever existed in a structure treated with Mold KillerTM.

Using Mold KillerTM, you first slip on a HEPA respirator. Then set up fans in the area to be sprayed, and spray out the area with a garden hand held pump sprayer (fog if you prefer).

Next, turn the fans on for at least 48 hours to help disperse the now homeless and dead spores via open windows, crawlspace vents or piped evacuation ventilation.

In almost every case (some embedded stains leave shadows), the mold and any discoloration will entirely evaporate and completely disappear. The Fans are an essential part for total new air exchange.

Commercial grade 5 gallon pales available.

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