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Posted by Kevin Connor on 20th Aug 2014

Avoid Child Disease

SOURCE: Mineral Methods

August 20, 2014 06:00 ET

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Decades of families worldwide have been needlessly exposed on a daily basis to "infectious" type chemicals.

Information has been suppressed that may have saved thousands from cancer, millions from depression, or perhaps generations of people from fighting allergies.

Tests of household products have revealed laundered fabrics contain chemical residue that can enter the bloodstream through skin absorption - endocrine disruptor.

Dr. Edward F. Group, Most detergents do not fully wash out in the rinse. Chemicals in fabrics can be absorbed into your body through your skin.” - As a child, exposure to chemical dust can go dormant for years, yet cause major health issues as an adult.

The EPA illustrates that detergents are hazardous to human health.

What can we do? First we must examine carefully all of the links in this document. Verify the authenticity of the links and take action according to your concerns. There is important info herein for further research.

Varied chemicals have a sweet smell which most Americans believe is the scent of "clean". A very dangerous credence. . Invasive ingredients to avoid: Fragrance, bleach or chemical brighteners, ammonia, sudsing agents, plant or fatty ethanol, phosphates, benzene, dioxane, thickeners, petrochemical or synthetic additives, etc.

There is an alternative. It is the only U. S. laundry detergent free of the aforementioned chemicals or agents. Just natural ingredients that are harmless to people. The point is to curb the loss and despair our nation has needlessly faced.

Be aware of statements regarding “Plant Based”. "Plant Based" refers to processed feedstock (such as coconut, or other vegetable source) which has been distilled and fractionated in a corrosive acid solution cycle. The making of detergents formulates a multitude of insidious components (liquid thickeners, odorless chemical agents, powders, concentrates, etc).

Bradley Stewart said, “Through years of research, I believe detergents have aided in a host of diseases. From birth we're dressed in clothing containing harmful detergent residue, which is activated by body fluids/moisture. We sleep and breathe in linens having detergent dust, likely benzine and or dioxane. We dry off with a towel only to smear harmful detergent particles into our open pores".

Consumers around the world are being exposed regularly to detergent chemicals. For the best 24/7 health care available today, use a true natural laundry detergent. We developed Rain only in-order that people would have an alternative. 

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Editor’s note: Rain Laundry Detergent samples are available to the news media for product reviews upon request.

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