#Mold Killer - Independant Test Results

Posted by Survey Team on 4th Apr 2017

Lab tests by AeroBiology Laboratory were authorized by Mineral Methods, a Colorado Environmental Group.

Submission of pre and post samples, treatment using Mold KillerTM (MycoShock Total Management), were collected 12-2-2013 by Anthony Pomales, Council Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor, Certificate # 0705047, and delivered to Aerobiology Laboratory – Analysis authority, initially in the State of Michigan. Results there-of were then sent to Aerobiology Laboratory analysis in California and Colorado for further tests.

Project ID 13018764, attached here-in.

Lab Sample number 13018764-001.

Certificate of Analysis includes the following:

  1. Untreated Drywall. Test requested: 1031 wipe, total fungal count w/IDs: SOP 3.3
  2. Treated Drywall.Test results attached here-in.
  3. Untreated 2X4.Test requested: 1031 wipe, total fungal count w/IDs: SOP 3.3
  4. Treated 2X4.Test results attached here-in.

Notes: “There were no respiratory health issues or concerns of physical contact with Mold KillerTM during the application stage. Also, it exceeded all expectations in the results analogy tests", Anthony Pomales.

Brad Stewart, President of Mineral Methods

Date 1-23-2013

See the full “Aerobiology Laboratory” report here: