Is water from the faucet safe to drink?

Is water from the faucet safe to drink?

Posted by Brad Stewart on 31st Dec 2018


Thanks for the feed back. As a master plumber for over 30 years and once plumbing installer for the Nevada/California Verdi Waste Water Treatment Plant, I want to share that thickening compounds in cleaning agents produce thick toxic grime in cold conditions. This condition is restricting for water treatment filtration.

Sludge and grime will often be moved out by hand and equipment to help alleviate stoppage. 

One goal of Mineral Methods in making Rain Laundry Detergent, is to help educate the public about putting detergent in any water. This in an effort to help keep America's Clean Water Act, strong. If just a portion of America began to use a natural detergent-free cleaner, there would be a significant clean water transformation.

        Thousands of these facilities are located across America. Let's all use more detergent-free water.