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Is vinegar proficent at killing mold?

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The old recipes for cleaning mold or fungus with vinegar came from back in the day when exceedingly strong in-home vinegar brews combined with invasive chemicals were used (vinegars not available on the open market). Store bought vinegar does kill weak bacteria, though molds are much to resilient for this vinegar alone.

Mineral Methods company spokesperson, Bradley Stewart, discusses their studies that show a straight 5 percent solution of vinegar, available on the open market, may not be proficient at killing mold. The good thing is today's vinegars do help safely eliminate weak bacteria around the house. He noted that Mineral Methods uses vinegar in their mold killers, though their mold killer - Mold KillerTM, - contain other very effective antimicrobial natural plant extremities. Our safe formula makes our mold killers exceedingly effective, yet people friendly. 

It seems to be common knowledge in the industry that vinegar is a antibacterial solution. Even the CBS news show “48 Hours” had a special years ago with Heloise reporting on tests from The Good Housekeeping Institute that showed it works on general household bacteria.

Antibiotics, or common disinfectants found in stores, may contribute to chemical resistant bacteria, according to National researchers of drug resistance studies. Furthermore, research from the U.S. Government level shows that many commercial disinfectants are ineffective against bacteria.

Although, they still recommend that people keep a clean spray bottle filled with straight 5 percent organic vinegar in their kitchen near the cutting board, and in the bathroom. A safe cleaner for general bacteria to be sure. Stewart does regularly use vinegar on his cutting board at home. He like the clean tart smell of vinegar.
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