How to clean a toxic laundromat washing machine.

Posted by GITK Team on 30th Jul 2018

Does your laundromat smell of toxic detergent buildup?

"I'd rather wash my clothes under a faucet than use a gross smelling laundromat washer".

Detergent build-up and soap scum exposure happens routinely.

After we bathe most of us dry-off with a towel, which generally has a heavy film of detergent residue: POISONS that can enter the skin, agitate a range of health conditions and may cause years of skin tissue damage.

Common area laundry facility may have highly toxic washers. 

These washers can be easily be flushed out for a safe and fresh natural Laundromat experience.

For more on how to flush out a smelly washer, visit Mineral Methods.  They provide the World's most effective Washer Cleanse.