Do mold killers work?

Do mold killers work?

Posted by Jay on 30th Dec 2018

Hi Constance,

I enjoy writing to you about Mold Killers. Of the many mold killers available today, most of them claim to be environmental and or people friendly. After an in-depth research into many mold killers listed on the internet, we have found real concerns with those claims either of their eco-friendlyness and or their effectiveness, but you'll have to investigate yourself.

What I can share, is the AeroBiology Lab's test results on Mold KillerTM. See link that shows Mold KillerTM  effectiveness: State Authority, AeroBiology Laboratory Results 

The State of Michigan authorized AeroBiology Laboratories to preform tests of mold treatment using Mold KillerTM, treatment by Tony Pomales, State Certified Mold Remediation Specialist.

Mold KillerTM is also verified by testimonials. Not only will it eliminate mold, but will protect the treated area from future outcrops. "Environmentally friendly Mold KillerTM" will not stain treated surfaces and also will crawl deep into micro crevasses to encapsulate mold root fibers.

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