Cornering the Laundromat Market

Cornering the Laundromat Market

Posted by Brad on 16th Feb 2020

Revamp Your Laundromat Operation - Greatly Increase Foot Traffic


Electrolyte Wash - Organic Environment Nurturing

  1. With Electrolyte Laundry Cleaner, your laundromat atmosphere will smell awesome and be free of any detergent chemicals or toxic odors.
  2. Customers enjoy detergent-free fabrics (residue free) enhanced by natural softening. 
  3. Love your complete caustic-free dryer exhaust. 
  4. By word-of-mouth alone, people from near and far will seek your establishment.
  • With either of our offers, we will also provide (free of charge) 10 units of deep "Internal Washing Machine Cleaner", one 5-gallon dispenser, and 100 full color, promotional customer based ad materials.
  • Laundromat owners must provide 3-ounce containers for customers.

Our First Offer:

A 5-gallon container of undiluted Electrolyte Laundry Cleaner (cost $1,380.00). Add in the necessary hydrogen (provided free from the H2O during the fill process), and this container will make 100 gallons of 3-ounce public ready product", which retails for over $8,000.00.

Or you might prefer our Second Offer: 

A 55-gallon drum of Electrolyte Laundry Cleaner(cost $7,600.00). Add in the necessary hydrogen   (provided free from the H2O during the fill process), and this container will provide 16,000 gallons). At an incredible discount of 34% off the distributor price, the entire 16,000 gallons is a retail value of well-over $100,000.00 for the laundromat (one hundred thousands dollars).

Electrolyte Liquid Laundry Wash (AKA - Rain Laundry Cleaner):

  • Cleans better than any detergent
  • Our electrolyte formula is environment nurturing
  • Eliminate bad bacteria more effectively than detergents
  • 99.9% free of any soap or detergent chemicals
  • Naturally softens fabrics without any softening agents
  • Higher hE qualities than any detergent
  • Electrolyte fabrics come-out free of any detergent residue
  • Electrolyte will not accumulate in nature.
  • Can be used with stain removers
  • Electrolyte inhibits growth of internal washing machine bugs
  • non-toxic drain water
  • Water vapor only, 100% toxic-free dryer exhaust
  • VOC-free laundry area  (VOC - volatile organic compound): many laundry detergent chemicals, including benzene, Soda Ash and dioxane, release vapors (vaporize) "readily at room temperature" and are generally more aggressive indoors.

Think about it, increase traffic and sales profits. We believe if you do take on our promotion, any competition in your town will be stymied and have a rough time doing catch-up - if they can even discover how you did it.

This is an investment in your operations. Folks will genuinely embrace your laundromat. It's likely you will disallow detergent use. You'll want to advertise your new acquisition and that you provide the electrolyte laundry wash at whatever promotion you like. You will need reusable 3 oz product containers, which can be purchased by patrons, used and discarded in perhaps a mail-slot for reuse.

Business owners call for free sample.

*As every town and operation are different, statements, comments, opinions or expressions made herein, may not fit your circumstance or be accurate and this should be considered in your decision to except our promotion. Please see our privacy policy. All promotion sales are final.

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