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Breakthrough #Health & #Environment Initiative, We Need Your #Help

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Over the last few years, we have raised "environmental awareness" for thousands of families.

Literally just making ends meet, our efforts have provided Americans with a new and innovative way of living naturally healthier.

The Mineral Methods Mission, has already prevented millions of gallons of poison detergent discharge from being released into the soil throughout America.

As we embark on the all new Kids' World Environment Awareness Program, it is important we stay competitive. Providing products free to medically and financially challenged families is another way we help out.

Additionally, having developed the World's only true "detergent-free" laundry cleaner, Rain Laundry Detergent in-itself has already reduced the flow of caustic chemical contamination (just scratching the surface) throughout America's sewer and drainage systems.

WE contact parents by the hundreds, often with a gift relating to a child's early awareness about their environment. This method is working well and typically, our new and innovative products hopefully encourage parents to speak to their children about the environment.

With this new approach to healing (see testimonials here) and especially with your help, we are confident that the cancer epidemic will decrease and illness will abide. Plus tributaries, rivers and oceans will naturally become clean again.

Please donate to "Kids' World, Environment Awareness Program". We need contributions today! Without your help, this pioneer most important program we share in, may suffer great drawbacks.

Your gift will help sustain this incredible new outreach and promote Youth Awareness for decades to come.

It will also help us reach our goal of raising $230,000 in order obtain the needed equipment, sustain productivity demands and continue with this amazing clean environment project.

See more about Bradley Stewart, CEO Mineral Methods here

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