Best Healthy Skin Tip

Posted by GITK Team on 19th Jan 2019

As one who has gone from healthy skin for over 50 years, to poor skin at 60 and now at 64, my skin issues, including skin tension, are much better again. I urge everyone to avoid toxic chemicals in fabrics. 

Yet for people with lyme disease, eczema and cancer, toxic chemicals in your clothing may lead to continuous outbreaks and struggling health.

Upon bathing, most folks dry off and detergent residue in their towel, will coat their skin with toxic residue. It’s likely they'll follow-up with perhaps lotion or sunblock and many of us need chap-stick.

Although the sun’s UV rays can target detergent chemical, driving radiation deep into the dermal wall, it’s this UV activity that then may also effect detergent mixed lotion and inflict further skin damage.

Using a detergent-free cleaner (bath towels are detergent-free), you may find that minimizing the skin care products become natural as you notice your skin simply feels better. Soft skin, moist lips. You’ll smile as you increase vital skin health.