Avoid Testosterone Disfunction

Posted by Brad on 16th Dec 2019

Laundry detergents contain chemicals, many of which contain highly toxic chemical byproducts known as dioxins. These develop their own hormone-disrupting properties. Dioxins are also being found in tampons, as well as disposable baby diapers. 

Detergent chemicals are known to transfer from clothing, enter the body by skin absorption and accumulate in the body.  

The latter is exceptionally concerning because tiny humans are most prone to suffering severe health consequences from having their hormones disrupted during early childhood development.

Hand and body soaps are also problematic, as many contain a hormone-altering antibacterial chemical known as triclosan. Studies show triclosan accumulates inside the body and interferes with hormone production.

The problem with antibacterial chemicals are, generally they only kill good bacteria, rarely is resistant bacteria (bad bacteria) ever affected.

1st, we suggest using a electrolyte laundry cleaner.

2nd, bathe everyday in hot tempered water, yet minimize soap use to two times a week (avoid direct use of soap in private areas).

While drying off, a detergent-free bath towel, will greatly help in keeping private areas cleaner.