About the owner and the mission of Mineral Methods

About the owner and the mission of Mineral Methods

Posted by GITK Team on 26th Dec 2018

"Clean the Earth and the benefits are astronomical"

Bradley Stewart (President of Mineral Methods LLC), was born in California, 5th of eight children. Raised in a strict church going family, his three older brothers mostly encouraged him, as well usually did his four sisters.

Bradley recalls his youth had ample free time, yet teemed by a slew of chores and sports. Typically, he was filled with optimism, deep-down he was reserved and watchful. By age nine, he had a paper route in Los Angeles, folding and delivering the Green Sheet, six days a week. By 16, he loved his job asphalt paving, mostly road work and driveways.

His brothers naturally got him involved in everything, his football coach was no picnic. His father was all about school work, though no one was harder on him than him. While rising out of his youth, Bradley finished high school and had already begun a career as a new construction plumber.

He has now lived nearly thirty years as a master plumber in a beautiful Colorado farming community. Brad is now doing remodel construction services and also runs Mineral Methods LLC., a new product line of ultra natural detergent-free cleaners.

More history

Contacted by the Conoco Corporation (for the invention of an asphalt slurry mix injected with latex), Bradley built a massive hydronic steam system for the heating and manufacturing of their new product. With positive results, Conoco moved forward with their plans. For many years now, highways and roads across our great nation have been much smother, last years longer and experience great noise reduction.

Three of many U. S. construction projects that Bradley had worked on, were the redevelopment of the Panama Canal, the constructing of the Verdi Waste Water Treatment Plant (located on the Truckee River, Nevada) and the replacement of Hoover Dam's massive turbines.

Ten years after completing construction-plan-management of the Hoover Dam Venture, Bradley stood on top of Hoover Dam, 2AM, and observed the first of ten enormous turbines being lowered hundreds of feet in to the magnificent Colorado River Gorge.

About this same time, Bradley's wife was diagnosed with cancer. She struggled relentlessly in her hope for survival. A mother, she was a fighter. She always spoke kindly of others and kept a calm demeanor in general. Brad sensed her anguish though, as she tried to work through her fears. Then to lose the battle, was devastating. She had such hopes, a strong heart and dreamed of healing.

As Bradley and his daughter continued on, Brad certainly had new awareness about cancer and good reason to change his living habits toward a healthier lifestyle.

Fast-forwarding about twenty years, Bradley developed a new process for making the world's first truly natural, detergent free cleaning agent using hydrogen with natural extracts.

Without the use of detergent chemicals, it was a fabric cleaner that was totally forgiving in the environment and excellent for human use.

This meant that the wash-water and fabrics would be completely free of harsh solvents, including mutative and hormone disruptive chemicals. Compounds that also harm wildlife.

Brad called the new development, Rain Laundry Cleaner and it was soon seen by thousands of people as superbly environmentally friendly.

Since the beginning of Mineral Methods LLC., where possible Brad has provided free product to help out non-profits, assisted care providers and individuals in need.

"The operating costs associated with this manufacturing company are often a challenge," said Brad Stewart. "We ask for donations because the more laundry cleaner units we can send out, the more people use Rain, the bigger the boost our environment feels."

According to Brad Stewart, with the occasional donation they receive and what he can provide from his construction services, he is only able to fulfill a portion of the mounting requests.

Rain Laundry Cleaner is an absolute aid in America's environmental clean-up program, please donate today. For every detergent-free wash-load across America, the environment gains momentum toward a cleaner tomorrow. This effort can take enormous steps with your help.

Today, one of the most important things on earth, is environment care.

Please help stop the flow of caustic chemicals entering our tributaries, rivers and oceans.