How to clean a toxic laundromat washing machine.

Posted by GITK Team on 30th Jul 2018

Does your laundromat smell of toxic detergent buildup?"I'd rather wash my clothes under a faucet than use a gross smelling laundromat washer".Detergent build-up and soap scum exposure happens routinel … read more

Holistic Skin Rejuvenation

Posted by Effortless Holistic Cleaning on 29th May 2018

Effortless Holistic Health After we bathe, most of us dry-off with a towel. A towel which often contains a layered film of detergent residue: POISONS that can enter the skin, ag … read more

Ideas For Holistic Baby Rash Protection

Posted by Girls In The Know Team on 27th May 2018

A typical myth is that baby urine alone causes itch or rash.In having a rash, urine is not always a factor: Remember folks, we can get an itchy rump or rash just by wearing a wet bathing suit (one wit … read more

Girls Holistic Living

Posted by Mineral Methods on 27th May 2018

Effortless HealthHow to avoid laundry detergent dustFirstly, do not wash fabrics in laundry detergents. Instead find a detergent-free fabric cleaner, like a rain laundry cleaner. One of the worlds onl … read more