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More About Mineral Methods Owner & The Mission

"Clean the Earth and people in general, benefit!"Bradley Stewart (President of Mineral Methods LLC), was born in Long Beach, CA, 5th of eight healthy children.He has now lived nearly thirty years in a beautiful farming community in Colorado, mainly having been involved with construction and planing.Three of many U. S. construction projects that Mr. Stewart [...]

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Breakthrough #Health & #Environment Initiative, We Need Your #Help

Over the last few years, we have raised "environmental awareness" for thousands of families.Literally just making ends meet, our efforts have provided Americans with a new and innovative way of living naturally healthier.The Mineral Methods Mission, has already prevented millions of gallons of poison detergent discharge from being released into the soil throughout America.As we [...]

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Non-Flammable Laundry Detergent


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Affects on skin washed with soap

In an investigation, the effect on skin of repeated use of two washing agents, all skin function tests (stratum corneum capacitative resistance, lipids, transepidermal water loss, pH, laser Doppler flow, and skin reddening), were markedly changed after a single wash, and after 1-week further damage was noted (52). In a study of irritant skin reactions induced by three soap surfactants, damage [...]

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I am a philanthropist, but I probably shouldn't share this about me.

Hygiene of the skin: when is clean too clean?I am actually trying to find a better way. I bathe daily, yet I only use skin soap once a week (except I wash hands regularly) and a small amount of shampoo, quickly rinse, 3 times a week.Why?From birth, natural skin oils react with soap chemicals while bathing. This [...]

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Serving Galveston, Houston and surrounding areas. Do-it-yourself homeowner mold removal made easy.

As provider for our U.S. Naval Supply Depots, quality control for MK Python could not be higher.Unlike the traditional process of mold removal, with Mold KillerTM a project becomes much easier and profitable.With Mold KillerTM, hand cleaning and vacuuming become unnecessary in most cases. Generally with-in 72 hours, there will be no evidence or sign that [...]

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How to restore #testosterone levels.

From birth, perspiration and body moisture react with detergent chemicals in our clothing. This activity is often absorbed by our skin which enters our bloodstream. As typical detergent chemicals (like benzine, dioxane) attack a mans endocrine system, early loss of #testosterone and libido levels are evident. Protect your health and livelihood. The good news is, remove these [...]

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Rain Laundry Detergent

New advanced "SUDS-FREE" cleaning. Get 100% detergent-free clothing everytime.Rain

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