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Why donate to Mineral Methods LLC?

Our mission has become our duty, although the f i n a n c i a l h u r d l e s are relentless. Recently we uncovered new research about Pattern Caused Illness. In this our best seller, Rain Laundry Detergent (the world's only detergent-free laundry cleaner), is now more [...]

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Mold KillerTM Pre and Post Tests By Aerobiology Labs

See test authorization form here: http://itk1.com/blog/mold-killer-independant-test-results/

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#Mold Killer - Independant Test Results

Lab tests by AeroBiology Laboratory were authorized by Mineral Methods, a Colorado Environmental Group. Submission of pre and post samples, treatment using Mold KillerTM (MycoShock Total Management), were collected 12-2-2013 by Anthony Pomales, Council Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor, Certificate # 0705047, and delivered to Aerobiology Laboratory – Analysis authority, initially in the State of Michigan. Results there-of were then sent to [...]

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#Fluoridation of #Drinking #Water

Say no to fluoride in your city water.                                                                                                    TABLE of CONTENTS #Arthritis #Gastrointestinal Effects #Bone Fracture #Hypersensitivity #Brain Effects #Kidney Disease #Cancer #Male Fertility #Cardiovascular Disease #Pineal Gland [...]

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Thousands dump chemical based SEWER WATER. Why?

Because:It saves fuel costs and avoid dump fees.Quickly they get to the next paying job.As we cant stop the dumping, how can we help preserve the environment? Avoid using typical or organic detergent chemicals in the washing machine, these may go viral in the environment and can be highly poisonous to you and your pets!Every small community [...]

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Working Environmental Program Awakens Authorities!

If not for the aware people interacting with this site, not much would be going on."Our customers have already prevented the discharge (easily exceeding millions of gallons) of poisoned water from entering American waterways", said Bradley Stewart, owner of Mineral Methods LLC. Targeting poisonous fumes that cause illness: The Mineral Methods initiative on dangerous chemicals [...]

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More About Mineral Methods Owner & The Mission

"Clean the Earth and people in general, benefit!"Bradley Stewart (President of Mineral Methods LLC), was born in Long Beach, CA, 5th of eight healthy children.He has now lived nearly thirty years in a beautiful farming community in Colorado, mainly having been involved with construction and planing.Three of many U. S. construction projects that Mr. Stewart [...]

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Breakthrough #Health & #Environment Initiative, We Need Your #Help

Over the last few years, we have raised "environmental awareness" for thousands of families.Literally just making ends meet, our efforts have provided Americans with a new and innovative way of living naturally healthier.The Mineral Methods Mission, has already prevented millions of gallons of poison detergent discharge from being released into the soil throughout America.As we [...]

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