About Mineral Methods


Welcome to Mineral Methods! We are the best place to find truly non-toxic natural cleaners. Founded in 2011 by Brad Stewart, the company prides itself on providing the very best in healthy cleaners and professional service.

Brad's interest in non-toxic products started as an adult and became particularly important to him after the tragic death of a close family member to cancer. Brad could clearly see that the many toxic exposures in her life lead to her illness. He has made a commitment to help others by offering an outstanding line of products designed to improve the quality of life.

Brad’s first product was Mold KillerTM (Total Management). Not only does this destroy the fungal colony, it does so with no toxic side effects. It is capable of eradicating strong smells from both humans and animals to include cat urine. Mold KillerTM is very versatile and can be used in washing machines, dishwashers and even flush out whirlpool tubs to keep them mold and mildew free.

His second product was Rain Laundry Cleaner. A detergent-free fabric cleaner. Rain also helps remove residue from fabrics. Because of the prevalent use of toxic detergents and laundry soaps, many individuals are having varying degrees of reactions. Detergent agents can cause immediate skin, sinus, digestive and lung problems and or may disrupt internal organs over time. This can go on unnoticed for years. With Rain, you can avoid these contaminates. Rain looks like water but is so much more. It makes fabrics clean and soft. The product can be used with any stain cleaner and will in-turn, help to wash out any toxins.

Mineral Methods, LLC also offers a washing machine cleaner and a mold stain remover along with caring customer service. Our products are also designed with the chemically sensitive in mind, yet are strong enough to handle the challenges of daily life. Our company is open to discussing all questions to include those regarding wholesale accounts, specific sensitivities and best use practices.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Please take some time and check out all our products!