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Mold prevention, treat tactical places in your home.

In humid states, preventing of mold before it grows is an activity people engage on a routine basis.As the global warming persists across Earth's atmosphere, increasingly changing the Earth's climate, the need for mold prevention has heightened. The prevention of mold growth is much easier than killing established mold and may only take 30 minutes [...]

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The Important Laundry Rinse

Rain Laundry Detergent deploys a very different and beneficial experience in laundry cleaning. Providing a deep clean and quickly, Rain will work throughout fabrics at a speed greater than typical laundry detergents. Since Rain does not contain thickener, Rain will also disperse quickly in the rinse & drain cycle. Most detergents contain thickener, which may even retain [...]

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Steps necessary to recognize and kill Black Mold

What is mold?Mold is a body of microscopic organism that form and survive on plant or animal matter. Mold can be found growing on many surfaces (most troubling in the home). In order to colonize, molds produce spores. These spores act like seeds as they form new mold growth when conditions are right.How do molds [...]

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Bio-symmetric Characteristics

Plant leaves, while considered symmetric, rarely match up exactly when folded in half, the same is true with plant molecules. Symmetry in plant molecules create a class of patterns in nature, which conceal hyper-intensive movement amid bad bacteria. This hyperactivity will target infected cells on varied levels, starving out any pathogen growth.Bio-symmetric science shows the [...]

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Reconizing and even Forecasting Mold Growth

Federal government work to combat mold across America is widespread. As the largest real estate owner in the country (from U. S. office buildings to military  installations), there are unique and diverse challenges in the mold mitigation that crop-up regularly.Here's the thing. The restoring a Federal property is basically the same process we follow when [...]

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Will depression, skin disorder, or sleep deprivation concern your family? Laundry Detergent.

From birth, through old age, our vital organ are at risk of chemical intrusion. Our skin is likely engaged with laundry detergent residue. With this, our immune system may be hightened, year after year for most of us, to defend off detergent chemicals absorbed by the skin. The medical term for chemical absorption is endocrine disruptor. [...]

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Care for Sensitive Skin: A Look Inside.

Finding the right product for your sensitive skin is a sensitive subject. You need something that’s mild, yet effective for sensitive skin.Skin fluctuates depending on your emotional state and the environment. You might experience an acne outbreak during the summer and dry or itchy skin during cooler months. Emotional stress can contribute to your skin condition too.For [...]

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Spores need three things to grow into mold:

Nutrients: Cellulose is a common food for spores in an indoor environment. It is the part of the cell wall of green plants. Moisture: Moisture is required to begin the decaying process caused by the mold.Time: Mold growth begins between 24 hours and 10 days from the provision of the growing conditions. There is no known [...]

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Black Mold Killer Stories

Our family of 11 moved into our dream home in June 2000. Symptoms started immediately. It took a botched mold remediation to make the connection between our illnesses and the home. We vacated in October of 2008. We left everything behind. Within a few months it became clear that it would take more than leaving [...]

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Is vinegar proficent at killing mold?

The old recipes for cleaning mold or fungus with vinegar came from back in the day when exceedingly strong in-home vinegar brews combined with invasive chemicals were used (vinegars not available on the open market). Store bought vinegar does kill weak bacteria, though molds are much to resilient for this vinegar alone.Mineral Methods company spokesperson, [...]

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