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Why spray yourself with Mold KillerTM

At times, a restoration company may request us to investigate a mold infestation, perhaps in a building basement or a crawlspace. Something unusual we now do first is; we close our eyes and spray a mist of Mold KillerTM all over our clothing. Over-spray may get on our hair and hands, yet does not bother [...]

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We have a couple of questions. Perhaps people are asking them too.

Why have most laundry detergent makers of today and long ago continued with harmful chemicals in their products? Chemicals that cause depression, skin disorders and cancer.Here at Mineral Methods, we began to experiment with making laundry detergent only three years ago. Within just two months, in 2012' we learned something totally unexpected. Laundry detergents contain dangerous chemicals. Chemicals that are on [...]

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The all New Mold Remediation Process

Today we have already inspected a mold infestation in a crawlspace near Durango Colorado. We suggested they spray it out with Mold KillerTM and they agreed.Just to give you an idea about Mold KIllerTM, when we investigate a mold infestation perhaps in a crawlspace, we first put on a basic respirator, close our eyes and [...]

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Applying a mold killer solution.

Whether in an attic, crawlspace or other confined space, where a mold killer solution is unable to make contact with the surfaces, mold growth may occur. Mold growth in an untreated area, may eventually affect a previously treated area. Following a mold killer treatment, it is also important that the area has proper ventilation. This [...]

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The review can be found in our feedback

Hello Bar, As much as this review is critical, it is wonderful too. We surely appreciate the way you expressed the points, so as to give a clear description.Your washing machine's secondary drain tanks are likely overgrown with mildew and need a flush out. It is typical for a washer's secondary tank (the drain tank) [...]

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How to recognize if it is mold or not.

Everybody asks us, "how do we tell if it is actually mold?"This is how we do it. If it is mold / fungus, it will have a fuzz or matted look about it. At times, as fibers may be microscopic, we have to use a magnifying glass. If fibers are evident within the discolored area, [...]

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Mold Killer

Due to today's global warming, the growth of mold and mildew will increase seasonally. The importance of pre-treating you property has become essential in most coastal or humidity ridden communities.We advise people living near or in humid conditions, to start a mold treatment program for their home at their earliest opportunity. 

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Mold Spray Outcome

This weekend I came upon the most unusual mold. As I stepped into In a large shed (where children had been playing), I was unaware to the mold infestation growing all around me. I am very sensitive to molds, and although I could not see any evidence that mold existed there, I knew this shed [...]

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Smart practice for mold removal

As we wrote yesterday, a local contractor called and wanted us to look at a possible mold issue in a crawl space. After entering the crawlspace with a respirator in hand, we saw a very sparse almost invisible shade of pail gray in areas on the crawlspace dry dirt. Because the infestation seemed so minor, [...]

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mold remediation

I was first acquainted with a mold infestation during the early 70's. My boss had me spray a make-shift mold killer solution, that he had brewed up, on some mold. Today, 3-6-2015, I am heading up to a mold restoration project, in an exclusive residential development, to inspect a mold infestation. Evidently the soil in the [...]

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