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Live Long and Die Painlessly.

More often than not, when people die of old age, it is usually led by at least a few years of agonizing discomfort.Recently a dear friend was diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). COPD is a respiratory disease. My friend was worried as COPD can be crippling over a long period. Having COPD, basically [...]

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Today's Best New Overall Skin Care

On Rain Laundry DetergentDear Patrice, See below. As a nurse, I know you'll recognize that sterile bottle. We refresh, relabel and reuse these provided by donations. The pictured bottle, refilled with our homemade "Rain Laundry Detergent Pure Ingredients", is used to refill our 5 gallons container, but then you just add water. Plus this saves [...]

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Natural Mold Killer with Bio-symmetric Characteristics

Bio-symmetric science shows the interactive Hypersensitive Plant Reactor (HPR), are a strain of dominant molecules inherent in certain perennial plants, that prevent the spread of infectious bacteria. Selective skin-nourishing plant extremities are used in all Mineral Methods cleaners. HPR's are most evident in Mold KillerTM. HPR's generally do not aid in environmentally harmful components [...]

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Effects of Bio-Neutral Mold Cleaners.

Recently we discovered information on cleaning black fungus with a bio-neutral agent. A bio-neutral cleaner, leads us to an important topic. Clean water is as close to bio-neutral as it gets. Water carries a pH balance of 7.This means such cleaners are likely near the pH of 7, as is with normal water. A bio-neutral cleaner may contain [...]

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Cleaners may effect aging needlessly

Ladies and Gentlemen, After countless tests using "baking soda" and other typical home cleaners, we have a couple suggestions to make, especially where your child may be concerned. Dish Washing: If you do add baking soda to your dish water, limit the use to a maximum of 1/4 teaspoon per sink or dishwasher load. Also make sure [...]

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The Child and Sensitive Skin.

A child having laundry detergent residue in its clothing may itch, yet a child is unlikely to think twice about it. This can lead to adverse skin conditioning for most kids. Adults who think of their skin as "sensitive", are perhaps aware of detergents. They call their skin sensitive, unaware that their skin is perfectly normal. [...]

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Do Laundry Detergent Chemicals Suck The Oxygen From Your Indoor Air Quality?

During a wash and or drying cycle, laundry detergents may emit fumes that effect the daily indoor quality of your home. Laundry detergents may lead to poor health in regard to allergies, depression and other disorders. We here at Mineral Methods recommend people take concern with whatever cleaning products they permit in the home. Chemical [...]

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Update to our last blog - Following the advise of home remedies for mold removal.

This morning we received a call from this homeowner/contractor, Mike. Hearing excitement in his voice, Mike said, the small area of mold we had sprayed with Mold KillerTM, has completely vanished. He was excited because the mold was mostly under his kids bedrooms and now he wanted it gone. The edges of the Mold KillerTM treated [...]

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Contractors, mechanical air exchange is essential for mold remediation.

Prior to spraying out an attic, crawlspace or interior area with a mold killer solution, it is vital that first, high velocity fans are set up (with power) in the area to be sprayed. Two hours following the mold killer spraying, the fans must be turned on for at least 72 hours (minimum). The area [...]

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Following the advise of home remedies for mold removal.

This morning I ran into a man, a contractor, that did research on the internet of how to kill mold. His internet search led him to instructions of making a bleach based formula, or use a strong vinegar solution.He chose to use the bleach ideas. After making the extra strong bleach based formula, he strapped [...]

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